Game of Thrones – Second Start

Captain’s Log  5,606

Dang!  I was too busy yesterday to take any pictures.  It was that kind of day.  Erg.  Maybe today.  

I went outside this morning and found a poor little dove that had broken its neck crashing into the patio door.  That’s the hazard of having glass in a birded area.  Every now and then, there is an accident like this.  When I lived in the other big house (with the infernal crows), a Cooper’s hawk smashed into the patio door and broke its neck.  I picked up Mr. Dove and took him out to the trash.  I said a little blessing to let bird heaven know he was on the way.  And then I hosed down the area.  Poor little thing.

I decided to join the hype last night and started reading this series that I bought as a Christmas gift to myself.

Game of Thrones

After an hour into it, I realized I had started with the wrong book.  I assumed they would be boxed in order.  I was wrong.  So…..the FIRST book is Game of Thrones.  Not the gold one about clashing kings.  DUH!  My set was boxed GOLD GREEN BLUE RED.  I must admit I like it even though I profess to despise this genre.  We shall see.  And it pays to read the cover notes so you know where to start.  Apparently, there is a 5th book that ties up the whole story.  One step at a time here.  I don’t want to get overly confident.

Off to climb more ladders.  Things did not go well yesterday because someone from the Confederacy lost the keys to our truck.  It took us four hours to correct the issue.  What should have been delivered to the museum around 10:00 in the morning did not arrive until almost 2:00 in the afternoon.  When I asked the offending Confederacy member to help us out today to make up for the time we lost, my voicemail was ignored.  Typical.  Why can’t people take responsibility for their mistakes anymore?  WHY???????


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22 responses to “Game of Thrones – Second Start

  1. Because they are all old and don’t check their voice mail.

  2. poundheadhere

    I watched the first season of the GoT television series, then missed all but one episode this season. I want to catch up though – it’s very, very violent, well within the context of a world that’s effectively medieval. This last show was the epitome of gore; other episodes are heavy on nudity, too. You can never be sure where it’s safe to look, LOL.

  3. I haven’t read the books yet but I am in LOVE with the t.v. series! I figure I’ll wait and watch the show before reading the books. That way I’m truly shocked with where the story goes.

  4. jane

    I read Game of Thrones with my book club and loved it. I’m halfway through the second, wish I’d thought ahead and got the entire series too! In England earlier this year I saw them for ‘buy one get one half price’ but they were too heavy for my luggage allowance!

  5. I haven’t read this series, and I’ve avoided the TV show, because of not liking George RR Martin’s style, or the fact that he has two side-by-side (neither of them can be singled out as “middle”) initials. I keep getting people telling me I’m wrong. I’m waiting for you to get in line behind all of them.

  6. We used to have bird death by suicide on a regular basis at our other house even though the front door was set back in the porch.
    It still amazes me how so many people take no responsibility for their actions and therefore cause so much more difficulty for others as a result.

  7. maryz

    I thought Game of Thrones was a TV show – haven’t watched that either. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the books.

  8. On the whole, nobody takes responsibility. Letters from your bank — responses to your questions — are sent without signatures. If there is no one who exacts responsibility — and maybe they can’t, especially if there are volunteers — there is no reason to admit to a mistake.

    Could you put that person in time out, like a little kid? Too bad no one ever made him or her sit in a corner, wearing a sign that said “I was naughty.”

  9. Patty O'

    Many years ago my 3 kids and I watched from the window as a mourning dove swain flew to impress his Lady Love. While she watched from the ground near the fence some 50 feet away, he would dive off the roof above us, swoop mightily, then pull up sharply and stall just in time to make a perfect landing on the top of the fence. Then the two of them would dance around a bit in celebration and he would fly back to the roof and do it all over again. It was pretty impressive…until on swoop #5 he failed to stall in time and smacked into the fence at full speed about 3″ too low. And his Lady Love? She stood there for a while and then turned her back and flew away without a single tear. Ah well, he died for love…at lease from his side of it…

  10. We do here. One mistake I used to make was read George RR Martin’s books. They natter on endlessly. Did I say that. We can argue later.

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