Mettle. Muster.

Captain’s Log   5,604

We had our first full rehearsal last night.  Not to brag……well, okay…..a little bit of bragging……

We were definitely the funniest thing on the stage.  Hands down.  The only thing I am NOT thrilled with is that I have to be in the final dance number.  Choreographed with jazz hands and jazz steps.  Ick.  I am a folksinger!  I can’t do jazz hands!

To this!


Okay, this will test my mettle.  Whatever mettle is, it’s about to be tested.  I came home and went over the steps a million times.  It makes no sense.  Some bits start on the left foot, some start on the right.  Totally inconsistent.  Goes against whatever logic my feeble brain can muster.  How can our act be so easy for me — and this simple dance such a challenge?

Mettle.  Muster.  Quite a day.

The gardeners are here to adjust the sprinklers.


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8 responses to “Mettle. Muster.

  1. Have you ever read “The Practice Effect?” LOL

    Youse is going to be the hottest thing on stage. 🙂

  2. So there is “something” you are not good at doing? Must be your Kryptonite ~ Super Woman!

  3. bholles

    You always were dance challenged.

  4. If your mettle gets under the sprinklers, does it rust?

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