Another Opening of Another Show!

Captain’s Log   5,603

We had our first rehearsal yesterday with Larry, the Piano Man.  It’s amazing what a little music can do to your shtick.  We sound pretty good!  I had heard that piano man has quite a house.  I was gobsmacked.  He lives in an art gallery!  Every surface is covered with art.  Even his privacy fences!  Even the fireplace was decorated with pieces of mirror.  Everywhere!  Glitter and bling.

Here I am with my partner in crime posing with the Mardi Gras doll babe.

sally and poolie and the doll

You can see Larry, the Piano Man in the mirror’s reflection

The kitchen was most intriguing.  He has been putting stuff on his fridge for 30 years.  Holy mommacita!

larry's fridge

And I keep the notices about when to recycle stuff on the right trash week

The show is going to be fun.  We got back to rehearsal tonight to work on choreography.  I am not excited about that.  It’s a lot of jazz stepping and shaking of jazz hands.  Anybody who knows me can testify that I am NOT a jazz hands girl.  Not by a long shot.  Maybe if I am really lousy they will let me sit it out.  Like sitting out volleyball when you had your period in high school.  

Here’s the show.  Please come if you live in San Diego.  If you don’t live here, fly in for the weekend and stay with me!


You might win a prize!


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18 responses to “Another Opening of Another Show!

  1. Susanna McGrath

    I will be there on Fri. 21. I’ll only miss it if my amazing Dr. is in Laguna Hills for the day. I would need to see him….otherwise I want to watch you having fun, being outrageous and on the stage instead of falling off your director chair watching your cast be fools on stage.

  2. Penny Tushingham

    I’ll be with you in spirit and the diner if you go there afterwards!
    Pen Pen

  3. The theatuh, the theatuh –
    What’s happened to the theatuh,
    Especially where dancing is concerned?

    Who did kicks
    Aren’t kicking anymore,
    They’re doing choreography …

  4. poundheadhere

    I’d love to come but for this one I know I can’t. I just scheduled vacation days for the fall when my sister-in-law is visiting from the Netherlands!

  5. Prizes. We have prizes?

  6. Patty O'

    It’s good to feel the energy rising from your post. Hope the process goes smoothly.

  7. I will be listening for the music here in my little home! Good Luck. So does having all that metal stuff on the outside of the refrigerator help keep the doors closed? Bet it is like visiting a museum to be in his house.

  8. I’m afraid that Larry the Piano Man would have to play alot of soothing music for me if I entered his house! Way too much to look at!

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