Captain’s Log  5,601

Got a late start today because I had to go to MEETINGS until right now.  I just love MEETINGS!  Especially on Friday.  Who in their right mind schedules meetings on Fridays?  What is wrong with people?

I ran across this cool statement in my spam folder today.  There are days when my spam folder makes me toss back and laugh like a loon.

I do feel all of the concepts you have launched to your put up. They are genuinely convincing and can definitely function. Still, the blogposts are too speedy for rookies. May you be sure to prolong them a bit from up coming time?

So much to consider there.   I really like the whole idea of launching my put up.

I went to see The Great Gatsby last night.  It was what I expected.  An arty film with lots of blue light and jazz players lounging around in speak easy joints or hanging on fire escapes in seedy New York.  It was nice to see how sad the idle rich really are.

gatsby house

Gatsby’s house in the film was actually an old seminary.  Wow!  Living in a place like that might have made a believer out of me!

When I lived in Saint Paul, my little walk-out apartment was just down the street from the house where F. Scott Fitzgerald penned his famous book.  I used to walk past it all the time while strolling with my big dog.  It was inspiring.  To have such a gift with words and emotional textures.  Reading Fitzgerald makes my soul ache.

fitzgerald house


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19 responses to “Fitzgerald

  1. Susanna McGrath

    I got the old version of Gatsby with Robert Redford and in my opinion it was so much better than that overdone hyped up version that is out now. That’s my critique.

  2. I haven’t seen Gatsby and don’t think I’ve read it yet either. Reminds me to hit a few classics from the book shelves.

  3. I didn’t want to see Gatsby because I loved the book so much. I was unhappy with Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, and disappointed in Moulin Rouge. But if you liked it, I might have to give it a chance.

  4. Patty O'

    Gilbert Grape was a terrific movie, very affecting. Leo’s character was not spastic; he was developmentally disabled. His portrayal of a functional DD person was spot on. That was a good movie for seeing the amazing potential of both young actors.

  5. Steph Rake

    I went to see Gatsby this morning at 1030am….I dont care what the critics say…I thorouly enjoyed the “production”….Baz Lurhman sure knows how to make a sensational movie…made me want to see Moulin Rouge again .I LOVED that movie. And every time I see Leo DeCaprio I am reminded about the first movie I saw him in…..GIlbert Grape with Johnny Depp; Leo was the younger brother that was a bit spastic ( probably before yur time)

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