Melon Collie

Captain’s Log   5,600

Good grief!  5,600 journal entries!  That’s over a million words!  Dang!  That is about…..10 or 11 novels if I had been putting my efforts in that direction.  I think I need to put some effort into that direction.  I have certainly proved that I have the discipline it takes to sit down and write.  Now, I just have to dig up something interesting………..

I rehearsed with Sally again last night.  Friend Pam stopped over to be our guinea pig audience.  Lo and behold, Febreze Lady from next door reached over with her bottle and gave the area a good squirt.  She is so whacked it isn’t even funny.

febrezeWeapon of choice used by my next door neighbor

Naturally, her action produced gales of laughter.  She has this idea that anytime people sit on the patio, they are smoking.  You smoke!  Smoking bad!  Why you smoke?  Oh, my God.  As whacked as she is, I would take her any day over the other beasts in my life.  I burn incense every day and she hasn’t done a thing about that.  But non-smoking friends on the patio?  Watch out!  I wonder how she will react when we have the cast party here in June.  She is really short, so when she reaches up to squirt over the 6-foot fence, it looks pretty darn funny.   Maybe I should buy her a case of the stuff and a stool so she can have a better aim.

I got this in an email earlier this morning.  It was just what I needed to laugh my ass off.  Show some molars.

melon collie

Hoping everyone has an enjoyable day.  Lest ye be squirted with Frebreze or accosted by melon collies, always remember……life is nothing more than an illusion.


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12 responses to “Melon Collie

  1. I should do that when my male coworker overdoes the cologne!!!

  2. “You know, Neighbor, you could just say “excuse me;” we don’t need you to spray every time you fart. Thanks for the gesture, though.”

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Clearly the neighbor has no sense of smell. Febreeze stinks!

  4. Perhaps you should arm your patio guests with Febreeze as well in those squirt gun shooters that send a stream about 10 feet and then you could all aim through the fence at her at once! LOL…..

  5. Patty O'

    Thank goodness she prefers Febreeze….to ammonia, for instance! And I LOVE the Melon Collie; am forwarding to my favorite Doggy Person and it will make her day!

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