Libera Sings A Song From My Soul

Captain’s Log   5,598

I think I am in love with Libera.   What a testimony to hard work and belief in the process of creative energy.  It can move mountains.

From their website………………

The distinctive sound of Libera has travelled the world in the last few years. The group’s albums have topped both mainstream and classical charts in many countries, and their recordings hold their place in top-tens alongside major artists like Bocelli.

The boys who make up the vocal band Libera have been described as “normal” and “ordinary.” However, as their recordings and performances demonstrate, the music they produce is truly extraordinary. With shimmering, mystical chords and ecstatic harmonies, they are unlike any other group you have ever heard. These are truly sounds to lift the soul. Celestial sounds for a new time.

The singers of Libera who are aged seven to sixteen attend many different local schools in South London and come from a variety of backgrounds. Although they are boys and they sing, they do not think of themselves as choirboys, but rather as an alternative kind of boy band.

While the unique sound of Libera may be impossible to pigeonhole, its universal appeal has endeared the group to fans all over the world, particularly in the US, the UK, the Philippines, South Korea and Japan, where their CDs top the mainstream and classical charts and where they pack concert halls appearing in their trademark flowing white robes on imaginatively lit stages.

I am particularly fond of Going Home.  It was written by Dvorak in my home state of Iowa as part of his New World Symphony.  I am not the only one who is fond of this piece.  Neil Armstrong  took a recording of the New World Symphony to the moon.

I am not so fond of the book I just finished for the book club.

telegraph avenue

Reviewed and rated it a 3 on Amazon

The story is very intriguing. Once I actually got to the story it was pretty good. This book is my club’s selection for the month. The last few emails indicate that I’m the only one who actually read it. Six other people gave up completely. I had three starts with this book. It took a tremendous amount of effort to finish it. I know Chabon can do better. There are times when prose must be set aside for the story. He is a master wordsmith, just not the best storyteller this time around.

Even though I didn’t like the book, I was determined to finish it.  I get like that sometimes.  Especially when I paid for something.  If you don’t like something about your meal in a restaurant, they often give you something else or take something off the bill.  Not so with a book.  You don’t like it……tough for you.

I start writing our “bit” for the variety show and fundraiser for the theatre.  Click here to learn more. It’s going to be fun.  Sally and I are doing a 10-minute version of Oklahoma.  We have the songs picked but no idea what to do with them.  She is truly funny and creative, so I am not worried.

It’s Freak Tuesday today.  Ugh.


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16 responses to “Libera Sings A Song From My Soul

  1. We did the New World Symphony for concert band when I was in junior high school. We did not sound as magical as Libera.

  2. bholles

    What good singers. Too bad their voices will change.

  3. G will call about food. I have books for you. I wanna hear about the trip. I wanna……I wanna…..

  4. Susanna McGrath

    Love the singers. My sister sent them not long ago and my sister just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and loved it. Small world.

  5. Patty O'


  6. The song gave me chills. I loved how the boys were facing different directions ~ I think it made the sounds flow even better.

  7. maryz

    You’re from Iowa? Who knew? Whereabouts? John’s cousin is from Iowa and another internet friend lives there.

  8. New World Symphony is also one of my favorites. I never get tired of listening to it. I just finished “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khalid Hosseini. He wrote The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns and this new book didn’t disappoint. Freak Tuesday….hang in there.

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