I Love Incense

Captain’s Log  5,597

I love incense.  Always have.  So I ambled over to the World Market yesterday after spending a few hours with Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale.   I bought several different boxes of incense sticks.


Nasty incense swung around by priests


Nice incense burning in my living room

It has a calming effect on me.  The stuff they use in the Catholic church is nasty and does not make me feel good, but lighter scents do the trick.  I burn it at least twice a day.  Always in the morning when I am rustling around doing things.

And speaking of the Catholic church, how surprised I am to learn that the new pope has said that even ATHEISTS can go to heaven if they do good deeds!  WOW!  Just a year ago, some ex-nuns told Big Sister Mia and me that good deeds done by anyone (especially filthy atheist hippies who voted for Obama) were nothing more than filthy rags in the eyes of God.   

filthy rags

Previously, no hope for decent people who didn’t want to do the whole Jesus deal

I am SO glad we have this mattered cleared up now!  I am SO glad people like Roger Ebert and Frida Kahlo will be allowed into heaven now.  Along with Mark Twain and Helen Keller too.   Thomas Edison can turn on the lights for everyone.  Barry Manilow can sing Mandy.

The whole filthy rag excuse is from the Old Testament.  I thought Christians were all about the NEW Testament.   I wonder what the Westboro folks think of the new pope.  I think they will probably be picketing the Vatican before long. 

Well, it’s good to know that when I am nice to someone or give money to the homeless guy on the street and these actions will COUNT for something!  They will go on my spiritual chart of accounts.  But guess what?  Most decent people who do decent things do not even consider that ledger.  They do it because they are led by decency.  Where does decency come from?  I think you are either wired to be decent or you are not.  All the religious training in the world cannot make a person decent.  Hiding behind God does not necessarily make you decent.  In fact, in can make you dangerous.



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24 responses to “I Love Incense

  1. Atheism has been alive and well for a long time, no doubt preceding any religion on the planet. There are good and bad atheists just like there are good and bad Christians, and followers of Islam, and Buddhists, and so on and so on. It all boils down to choice: you can do the right thing or not.

    A little while back I watched a video on YouTube – might have been linked by you – that pointed out if a God/Goddess enjoys suffering enough to demand you to commit atrocities in their name, when you pass to the afterlife they’d just as likely apply the same kind of torture to you.

  2. Patty O'

    As an apostate Catholic I think I can defend without prejudice. Those two nuns were just plain WRONG. And I for one was NEVER taught that only Catholics go to Heaven (if you believe in it). But I DID learn that when I went to Protestant Sunday School with a friend. In fact, I was thrown out when they learned I was a You Know What. So much for tolerance! I also stand up for church incense; I loved it and the GOOD music, too. After hearing Mozart and Bach at mass I could never understand people “settling” for Onward, Christian Soldiers. But I DO prefer sandalwood…

  3. No incense here. Very allergic to the stuff. Achoo. Achooooo…..
    I bet if you do a survey, you will find there’s a lot of atheists and “Other’s out there. 🙂

  4. joanie

    Exactly how many good deeds does one atheist have to to do to be allowed into heaven? Is there a cutoff point? I was just wondering.

  5. maryz

    There are a lot of us out here.

  6. I’m so relieved. I was behind in my good deeds and wondered about my place in Heaven……..

  7. Mia

    I will never forget the filthy rag nuns. It was such a hoot.

  8. Yes, I read the Bible. Even the New Testament, on occasion. (As teens, we noted that the New was a lot shorter than the Old. I preferred the stories in the Old.)
    But there are times when I think the only time people use it is to make an excuse for something they wanted to do anyway. It’s a real treasure trove of conflicting statements that can be interpreted however one likes. What a waste of good material!

    I guess nuns are like any other category of people — some really good, some not very.

  9. Katharine Hepburn is my favorite atheist.

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