My Soul Aches Today

Captain’s Log   5,594

We buried our mother, sister, grandmother, friend, funny lady, imp, and famous Candy Lady of the town on this day – two years ago.  On her 95th birthday.  We sang Happy Birthday at the end of her memorial service.  She would have loved the irony in that.


mom happy siesta

Mom Valentine

mom in parade

How she loved her sweaters.  How she loved people.  How she loved making us all laugh.  This woman was never sad.  This woman was whip-smart and funny.  This woman loved to embarrass me in front of my friends (and they loved her for that).  This woman instilled in me a deep love of reading.  I miss this woman so much sometimes that my soul aches.

Happy birthday, Mom.



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34 responses to “My Soul Aches Today

  1. joanie

    What a cutie pie she was, all the way up to her 95th year. One can tell by her photos what a spark she had. Sassy little thing! Hugs to you and Mia.

  2. Susanna McGrath

    How wonderful of you to honor your Mother this way on the 2nd year of her passing. Such a love never forgets. Thanks for the example.

  3. *Hugs* My heart goes out to you and Mia.

  4. Penny Tushingham

    We are so lucky that you both got her zest for life and adventure! When you feel the wind blow by, that’s mom blowing out her candles!

    Pen pen

  5. She helped make you what you are today. The rest of us have to be grateful.

  6. Valerie

    Wow! I was teary after reading your thoughts I could barely see the loving comments everyone left. I feel very blessed to still have my mother with me. She turns 96 on Saturday. I can only imagine that once you’ve had a close relationship with your mother – when she’s gone you miss her for the rest of your life when something triggers a memory or a thought like, “Mom would have loved that!” Sending you hugs and hoping that you’re planning on having a huge piece of birthday cake today.

  7. farmgirl

    Awhhh…I bet there is birthday cake in heaven. thinking of you.

  8. Ter

    Happy birthday, Mom! What wonderful sentiments! ::hug::

  9. Keep giving those gifts she gave you to other’s. That’s the trick.

  10. maryz

    A lovely memory of an obviously lovely lady from her equally lovely daughter.

  11. Edie

    It’s a blessing when you have such good memories. Your Mom reminds me of my Mom who died at age 100 and was buried on my birthday 9 years ago. I still miss her but love the memories just as you will.

  12. I remember those couple of days RH and I spent with you and Mia and your extended family. Two years went by so quickly…….I love the last photo…she reminds me of Maxine……:HUGS….

  13. goatbarnwitch


  14. Patty O'

    My mother passed in 1992 and I still want to call her and have a good talk and a good laugh. Wish I’d known your Mom, too!

  15. Rhonda

    Happy Birthday Sis!

  16. Mia

    I miss her so much. Happy Birthday Mom.

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