We made it! Flight complications and all. Got to DeAnn’s house around 6:00 Central Time and managed to stay awake two more hours. Crashed into bed at what would have been 3:00 AM in the Netherlands. Fell sound asleep in my clothes. Woke up around midnight and took off a few things and crawled right back in for more sleep.

Both of us were awake and ready at 4:00 AM. Had a nice egg breakfast and two cups of chai tea.

Going food shopping today and then out for dinner. Leave for the airport again at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Back to life in San Diego. DeAnn is driving out west over the summer, so I will see her again. Anneke is planning to visit again in January. Truly excellent.

Met this cutie pie when I wandered outside to greet the morning. Parker and his momma Diane. Just outside the door.



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12 responses to “Chicago

  1. You already had the perspective. Did I say that. By the time you read this, it will be almost welcome home time. Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Ah, a golden with a grin…. welcome back – almost

  3. Wook at that widdle face!

  4. What a sweet smile on Parker’s face to greet you. I am waving from South Bend to you! Glad you are unwinding slowing before you get home again.

  5. I’m glad you’re back; I love the dog. (He reminds me of my dog of fifty years ago, but then they all do.)

  6. Welcome back to (almost) the real world. I love Parker.

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