Slow Day

We didn’t do much today. It was nice to sleep late and not really motivate until about noon.

We went grocery shopping, visited an indoor ski arena, and took a small ferry across a huge canal.

Such fun!

Images here.





And yes….chocolate and a tasty liqueur that is apparently reserved for old ladies. I liked it. I must be an old lady.


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11 responses to “Slow Day

  1. If liking liqueur and candy is the definition of an old lady – call me Methuselah! ;o)

  2. poundheadhere

    You are entitled to a quiet day to recuperate 🙂

  3. Hey, I am hanging on your almost every word and image.;

  4. Patty O'

    It is so much fun to follow your adventures. Hurray for a quiet day…and a tasty sip or two!

  5. Being a “senior” can have rewards too! I love that candelabra in the previous series of photos….how gorgeous!

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