Road Tripping

We are leaving for our three-day road trip in a few hours. Hooray! Windmills, farm land, small villages, etc.

We went to a Medieval church in Haarlem yesterday. I love it there. Not as crowded as Amsterdam but brimming with charm. The church was built in 1585. I didn’t realize until later that the floor was actually grave markers.

We stopped at the next village for dinner. White asparagus is in season and we took advantage of it. Big time! The pub where we ate was built in the 1600’s. So much history!

Cherry blossoms are everywhere. Photos for your viewing pleasure.










Time to pack!!


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10 responses to “Road Tripping

  1. That’s magnificent. I’m glad you ladies are having such a good time.

  2. So very beautiful a country you share with us. Thank you. You three look wonderful.

  3. Stunningly beautiful photos…..I imagine seeing it in real life is like standing at the Grand Canyon…’s almost too much to take in…..thanks for sharing.

  4. Never ate white asparagus. How was it?

  5. I look at the artistry on the older buildings and it makes everything we do now look cheap and our architects lazy by comparison.

    The asparagus looks lovely, though! Is that oil or vinegar on the side?

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