Just a Photo

Not cranked up to write today. Just photos of the amazing graveyard we visited yesterday.








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14 responses to “Just a Photo

  1. jane

    Any time for geocaching? There’s one under a bridge near Anne Frank’s house that you need to rent a paddle boat to find! I have it on my watchlist!

    • poolagirl

      There were many but I didn’t want to add data roaming charges on my phone. And I didn’t have a GPS set up for the Netherlands. So no……

  2. Awesome pictures. I wish I could have the glass (or Plexiglass) one when I go; that’s so creative.

  3. How beautiful. It’s like seeing Art in the garden. Sadly those special places would be vandalized here in the USA…..

  4. Thank you. The glass surprises me. I do like it.

  5. maryz

    I love cemeteries – and these monuments are fabulous!

  6. Beautiful, and haunting. Those images brought a tear to my eye.

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