A Secret Church and More

Captain’s Log  5,584

Yesterday was walking tour day of the canals.  Grand fun!  I did not have my camera properly charged, so those photos I took with my phone will have to wait for later.  Our guide was a lovely old man named Jan, and he is quite a historian!  We learned about building designs, the political climate of the country over the centuries, etc.  He was entertaining and informative.

We came home and had a latte.  Anneke’s husband is the world’s best latte maker.  We have lattes in the morning and then again later in the day.  I could get used to this!  Indeed!

We are going off to see the windmills today.  I am very excited!  We had planned to see The Hague, but after reading about things to do there, we opted for a road trip instead.  A mini road trip.  The bigger trip happens on Sunday when we take off for the the northern and eastern parts of the country.  We will be gone two days, and I am also very excited about that.

I was chatting online with Big Sister Mia last night, and I have decided that I am definitely Dutch.  I see the world through different filters than most people, and I love to have a house kept in perfect order.  I love having my dishes washed and tables cleared of everything but a nice arrangement of fresh flowers.  It’s in my DNA.

Photo time!


View from the secret church in the attic.  Catholics had to worship in secret once the country became Protestant.  Things are different now, of course.  The starircase was so steep you needed a rope to help you climb.


Stairway to heaven 


We had lunch in this park.  Great time!


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19 responses to “A Secret Church and More

  1. joanie

    What a wonderful time you seem to be having. And lattes too?? Heaven.

  2. The steep stairs and obsessive organization make sense; G says there are some 16 million people scrunched into a place the size of one of our smallest states. The reclamation projects are ongoing to try and accommodate a growing population where there’s precious little land for them to live. One of the reason for the live-and-let-live attitude there is that everyone is in such close quarters. Without tolerance it would be sheer anarchy.

    There’s also a flip side to the Dutch organization gene. For a people used to stuffing a lot of things into very small space, more space = more stuff!

  3. That’s so cool. I’m enjoying reading about your trip!

  4. Latte in the morning, Latte in the evening, Latte at suppertime. Make me another Latte and I’ll love you for all time.
    Sounds the trip is going very well. Glad you are having so much fun together.

  5. Mia

    I guess I am Dutch too but outside of a clean kitchen I didnt inherit the will to clean the house.

  6. Patty O'

    I remember staying in a hotel “annex” that had a very steep staircase. The building was 1 room wide and with space only for the stairs. First floor: lobby and dining room. Second floor: sitting room. Then 2 floors of bedrooms. We were, OF COURSE on the top floor! One develops leg muscles in the Netherlands!

  7. Sorry about your camera charge, but I love seeing the images no matter what. Hugs.

  8. I recall a hotel I once stayed in, in Amerstdam, that had a staircase pretty much as bad as the secret church’s! Imagine having to drag your suitcase up it!

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