Red Lights

Not much time today.  We visited the Van Gogh Museum and another museum that featured a secret church.  And yes, we made it to the red light district.  No photos allowed there because the pimps will beat you up.  It was creepy.  They stand right in the windows in their lace underwear and stare at you.  Ugh!


Getting around the city.  I think I can find the main museums by myself now.  Now all I had to do is master the language, eh?


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19 responses to “Red Lights

  1. Did you bring hand sanitizer? Eww. I’ve walked through NYC and saw prostitutes… but never got close enough to touch one (in a non-sexual way).

  2. It looks and sounds gorgeous – but not exactly ADA compliant, from the looks of things, lol. (Of course not being America, it doesn’t need to be.)

    What a lovely trip you’re having! Hope the cold has now fallen by the wayside for good.

  3. Is there sunshine? How is the food? How are you?

    Rotterdam. The SS Rotterdam has been sold, and the new owners take over today.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    sounds like you are having a fun packed trip. Love the pics!

  5. Patty O'

    Do they still display “menus” in glass cases on the walls of the Red Light District?

  6. Hope Heinous is behaving himself. He probably could have outstared the girls in the windows in the red light district!

  7. I never worked out how to pay for the trams in Amsterdam, though no one seemed bothered. Glad you’re having such fun xx

  8. I’ve always wondered how come I can’t speak Dutch. Linguistically, it’s supposed to be between English and German, both of which I used to speak. Nope, I don’t know Dutch.

    Your pictures are great. Everything looks so clean.

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