Trip Into the City

Anneke’s computer has decided to toss a fit. So I will attempt to do an entry here using my phone. Voice to text. That should be fun. Unlike what I do on Facebook I will attempt to clear up the misspellings.

We went into the city yesterday. It was only €6 for round-trip ticket. That’s about eight dollars American. The interesting thing is that they want you to take the train. They make it easy for you to take the train.

Once we got to the train station I was most impressed with vast sea of bicycles. I have never seen anything quite like it. I know I would kill myself if I tried to ride a bicycle in Amsterdam. They zoom all over the streets. And you have to watch out for them. It would not be my strong suit.

We went to the Rjksmuseum. I hope the phone spelled that one correctly. The place is enormous. We saw one gallery. Walk straight ahead to see a famous Rembrandt. Night Watch.

We also went to the Anne Frank house. I saw it before when I was here with my sister. I was brought to tears then and I was brought to tears now. The cruelty that people can exhibit never ceases to amaze me. As I looked at all the photographs I realized how much she looked like my mother. I need to write more about this when I get home.

We walked and walked and walked along the cobblestone streets. By the time we got back to the house I was ready for a good night’s sleep. We are taking it easy today. The plan is to go to the beach and explore the sand dunes. I also want to see the wild Polish horses and the Scottish cattle. They roam free in a certain area to keep the vegetation under control.

The people in this country are very lean and fit. They walk and use bicycles. They climb stairs rather than use an elevator. Even though they drink a lot of beer, they are so active they don’t gain weight. They also talk to each other. They don’t spend hours and hours using their telephones. Such a delightful difference.



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18 responses to “Trip Into the City

  1. jo

    If we really talked to each other, I believe, our political situation would come to a head and then improve

  2. Susanna McGrath

    Sounds lovely, rather like Ireland, free range animals, slender folks who walk everywhere and seem to be talking up a storm over their beer.

  3. In a country with so many bicycles, Maybe I could learn once again how to stop and not fall off…. Keep up the adventures!

  4. maryz

    What a great trip, you lucky gal!

  5. Patty O'

    SO good to hear from you! Keep having fun.

  6. Really great shot of the bikes. That says it all. Now, how do they find theirs every day?

    I just spent a lot of time with my friend Bee….and she was on her phone constantly. I missed the old Bee.

  7. bholles

    Glad you having fun.

  8. Look at all of those bikes!!! Unbelievable!! Poolie, it sounds like you’re having a wonderful time!!!

  9. The train ride sounds wonderful! It just emphasizes how much more we could do here in the US if we were so inclined. I’d love to take the train in to work. Not possible, obviously, but what a concept!

    Conversation is such a remarkable art, and no doubt one reason the Netherlands generally comes out ahead on so many fronts over the US.

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