Non-Spanish Haarlem

We had our first full day in the Netherlands.  Wahoo!  The jet lag appears to have vanished.  We spent yesterday taking a delightful drive to the tulip gardens.  Am, amazing!  Acres and acres of tulips I had never even imagined!  So many colors, sizes, and textures!  It could have been an all day adventure, but we also wanted to see Haarlem. 

That was incredible.  It’s an old city with lots of grand buildings.  I cannot download photos right now for some reason, so those will have to wait.  We wandered around the city and soaked it all in.  We ended our time there with a lovely dinner at a fondue restaurant.  I have never tasted cheese so wonderful before.  We had three different kinds of fondue.  When they asked if we wanted dessert, I almost fell off the chair.

Then it was home again.  We are off to the city of Amsterdam this morning.  Leaving for the train after breakfast.  Heinous is packed and ready to go.

More later!



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10 responses to “Non-Spanish Haarlem

  1. It sounds heavenly. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. Breakfast, lunch, dinner….walking where, talking where? What fun all this must be.

  3. I’m sure you will have great adventures and photos to prove it.

  4. Non-Spanish Haarlem. There exists another Harlem somewhere in the Midwest, whence I had a phone call from a potential customer. I asked which way it was spelled, and she was offended. As far as she was concerned, there was only one way. (As far as I was concerned, she was far too insular for me.)

  5. bholles

    Tulips and cheese. What more do you need?

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