Blustery Days and Jet Lag

It appears that most of the jet lag is over.  It hit us both like a ton of bricks about 6 hours after we landed.  CRASH!  We both went up to our rooms and Anneke tried to explain how to use things in the bathroom.  I know I fogged over and fell right onto my bed.  I woke up two and a half hours later feeling brand new.  More food and some strong coffee made me feel even better.

We start off today for the read adventures.  We are going to see the blooming flower fields and the city of Haarlem.  We are stopping off for dinner at a fondue restaurant.  I have no done fondue in years!  Very excited.

We managed to get our cord adpators to work.  Everything charged up just fine.  I think we are good to roll!  Glad we bought warm clothes.  It’s chilly and blustery by the North Sea.  Time for some breakfast and then a road trip south to see the flowers.  Cameras ready.


 Blustery day at the marina.  Wind does miracles for your hair.


Anneke and Bert’s lovely home

Doing my best here with a computer set up in Dutch.  Who knows?  I might be bi-lingual by the time I get back to San Diego!


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10 responses to “Blustery Days and Jet Lag

  1. Susanna McGrath

    that weather looks like some nice clean air! It rained here, surprise.

  2. I’m sure you will have a blast! Wind or fun, whichever you encounter!

  3. If you just through in a few extra a’s and a bunch of v’s, you’ve got the Dutch language down!

  4. bholles

    Have fun.

  5. Hubby’s sister says it’s been exceptionally blustery and cool there this year – hopefully your arrival will bring a bit of sunshine and warmth!

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