Four More Hours

The antibiotics are really working. I am amazed. Über dose yesterday and then regular dose four more days. And lots more pharmacy-only Sudafed. Whatever it takes, I am going to Amsterdam!

My pal is packed. Two tiny cases for her. I feel like a mule in comparison. But I am tasked with bringing back candy for at least 20 people, so I need a big case. A huge case!

I am curious to see what they feed my pal on the plane. She ordered Hindu vegan. I think we get two meals. Very curious.

It was blustery cold here in Chicago yesterday. A chance for my Midwestern toughness to return. At least no snow! Gloomy and rainy today.

Time for coffee. Scene from the back yard. Had hoped to get a snap of Mr. Chipmunk but he skittered away.



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13 responses to “Four More Hours

  1. Glad to hear the antibiotics are helping. No fair being sick on major trips!!

  2. Could also be severe allergies. My eyes have been burning and I recall the same thing happened last year when we returned to Indiana. And I keep on sneezing…..Glad to hear the meds are working for you…hope you sleep through most of the flight and wake up feeing very refreshed and healthy.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Have a safe and hassle free flight!

  4. Safe travels, drop the cold. I’m watching.

  5. Don’t wear the antibiotics off while you flap. I’m wondering if this isn’t a bit of lingering infection from the last virus. Antibiotics normally won’t take any action on a cold, but these are. Your trip is going to be a gloriously healthy one, fer sure.

  6. God speed, dear Poolie.

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