Bon Voyage

Captain’s Log  5,576

I am leaving!

bon voyage

Bon Voyage!  Let the adventures begin!

My ride gets here in just a few minutes!


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15 responses to “Bon Voyage

  1. jane

    Hey! You have the ‘same’ suitcase as me!! Well Mr SH uses it now as I got a new lightweight costco one for my most recent trip!

  2. joanie

    Looking forward to hearing the tales when you get back.

  3. Based on the Queen’s photo in your previous posting, she could have been a contender for your 50 Shades of Gre contest. Beautiful woman…..
    Hope the sun shines every day and the weather is delightful…..

  4. Bon voyage. I’ve talked with Mia and we will get together on your marvelous return. Too exciting for words. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  5. yaketyyak


  6. Patty O'

    Have FUN!!!

  7. Susanna McGrath

    I am really impressed that you have packed everything you need in one rolling case and one back pack! Yahoo, you’re on your way!!!

  8. Penny Tushingham


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