Public Pee Time

Captain’s Log   5,573

I spent yesterday getting stuff for my trip.  Q-tips, Euros, disposable toothbrushes for the plane, bandaids, a sleep mask, a passport wallets that is impervious to evil people who try to steal my information.  Something about RFID rays.  So I got one just to be safe.  Your personal information never leaks out and you won’t have to put tin-foil down your pants. I rather like that idea.

I am most excited to see the public urinals in Amsterdam.  I just happened to be watching a show on cable last night and it was all about the most amazing bathrooms in the world.  When the announcer said AMSTERDAM, I was all over it.  Public urination must be a problem there.  I know I saw lots of peeing against buildings when I was there with Big Sister Mia years ago.  If I wanted to pee somewhere, I had to pay about a dollar.  Anyway……..Amsterdam has installed a special device called a Urilift.  Stay with me here.  Urine container that rises out of the street.  I kid you not.  The announcer said it is controlled by police and sometimes shopkeepers for when the street gets busy.  Guys just walk up to it and pee.  Just like that.


Magic Urilift

Guys just walk up, unzip, and pee.  Right there.  I cannot wait to see this.  

They have other public urine stations that are not as sophisticated.   They don’t rise up out of the sidewalk.  They are more like our porta potties (sans doors and privacy) and no place to wash up.  

public pee pee

Public pee time.  I guess you would have to be a guy to think this is a great thing.

So that is what I want to see.  I want to see the public urinals.  I also want to see……


the big flower market place

the palace




the North Sea

wild horses on the sand dunes

and anything else Anneke and Bert put on the agenda!

Leaving for Chicago in THREE DAYS!



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11 responses to “Public Pee Time

  1. I am sooooo excited for you! Amsterdam is definitely in the top three of places I want to visit. Will I ever? Doubt it, so my armchair travels will have to do me. Looking forward to the pics and stories from your adventure. ~LA

  2. Oh my God….YOU will be the one who sees the guys urinating in the street…I just know it.

    Brings to mind a little song. ( song of I feel a song coming on…)

    I…….feel a pee coming on…..
    And I’m warning you
    It’s a mighty glorious feeling I have.

    I…..feel a pee coming on….
    It’s a gusher of urine I have
    Watch out children…this isn’t some rain.

    You’ll hear the Urilift come out of the ground
    Praise the Lord and Hallelujah
    Some people don’t llike to stay around
    Too much information coming to ya’
    cause’ I…..feel a pee coming on.

  3. Anneke

    Bert sais you have to book another 2 weeks to work through the whole programm. About the public pee places. I have honestly never seen one that rises out of the street. Now what if he stands there unzipped and some one pushes the button for the thing to go down again. I am afraid this is a story that belongs in the range of Hansje Brincker with his finger in the dike. If you like we can go look for it, so put it on the list. It means at least an extra week in Amsterdam LOL .

  4. goatbarnwitch

    Try the chocolate. My friend brought me a cute box of chocolates from his last trip to the Netherlands (he visits family regularly lucky duck)

  5. I never understood it. Guys seem to think it’s a game. The only good thing about it was that, when I had a little boy that age, I told my husband he would have to teach him…because I don’t have the equipment. I don’t know who taught the kid to clean up after himself, but he certainly was neater than his dad. 8)

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