All in a Day

Captain’s Log   5,572

There is nothing quite like walking your friend to her car after a nice dinner and then walking back to the house to find that you have managed to lock yourself out!  Cold.  Barefoot.  No phone.  And your friend is driving down the street.

Fortunately (for some reason known only to the gods), I opened up some of the lower windows yesterday afternoon.  Thank goodness for that, because I had to crawl through one of those lower windows (after ripping out the screening) to get back into the house.  Hilarious!  I broke into my own house!  I had to make sure that the floor lamp didn’t fall on my head.

Earlier in the evening, my friend and I were talking about spiritual stuff.  She said she had never walked a labyrinth.  Well, as fate would have it, a Lutheran church not very far away has a full-sized labyrinth made of stone.  It is open and available to anyone 24 hours a day.  So off we went.  It was such a sweet experience.


Full size labyrinth based on the same design as the one at the Cathedral Chartres in France (but two rings smaller – I checked)

One doesn’t usually expect to find such a thing a few blocks from your house.   There are lots of reasons about why labyrinths were built and what they mean.  I prefer the explanation that walking a labyrinth is walking with your soul for a journey that leads you to your beginning.  Because that is exactly what happens.  Sweet.  Tender.  We both enjoyed it very much.

And then it was back to reality when I had to cut the screen and crawl headfirst into my living room.  All in a day.


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14 responses to “All in a Day

  1. jane

    I’ve found a couple of labyrinths near geocaches. Always walk them.

  2. joanie

    I’m surprised the Febreeze Lady didn’t call the cops when she saw someone going through your window.

  3. poundheadhere

    I’m sorry to that your latest adventure involved breaking and entering to get into your home. Hopefully the screen can be replaced or repaired without a lot of cost. Glad to hear both you and your lamp escaped more or less unscathed, though, lol.

  4. Just when you think all is right with your world, you get locked out! Priceless!

  5. Patty O'

    Your life is such a dazzling combination of the absurd and the sublime. No wonder you are so creative!

    A decade ago I stayed at a B&B in British Columbia that bragged of an extraordinary Labyrinth. The photos of the property did not agree with the photos on the website, as nothing had been mowed for a very long time. It was all lush and green – and wet. I spent more than two hours tramping in the woods and never found the labyrinth, but I returned sopping wet and happy as the woods were enchanting. Thank goodness for my good sense or direction of I would been lost still…

  6. Susanna McGrath

    Been there, done that…more than once! I am getting the visual and it’s….yea, funny! I know you had to chuckle about that because that’s the kind of gal you are…love you.

  7. Mia

    Hope you plan to hide a key in your yard.

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