KLM Here I Come!

Captain’s Log   5,571

In just a week and a few hours, I will be……………………


Bring it on!  Flying across the pond!

Have you ever seen such a pretty plane?  I mean, seriously!

I was at the bank doing some company business yesterday when my good pals Mage & George called inviting me to an impromptu dinner.  YAY!  They love Sipz (vegetarian fusion) as much as I do!  We met there but we had challenges along the route.  Freeways were impacted by a jumper on one of the bridges.  Or was that OFF one of the bridges?  I did not hear any more news except someone was on a bridge threatening to jump – right at rush hour.  It’s amazing what that does to traffic.  The domino effect is astonishing, and it takes hours to clear.

We splurged on the meal.  Appetizer, entrees, dessert, AND coffee!  Wahoo!  And those sweetie pies picked up the tab.  I picked up the tip.  Sweet!  I had a slice of red velvet cake.  Should have had the red velvet CUPCAKE instead.  I was stuffed to the max.  Filled to the gunnels.

I am having a guest for dinner tonight.  Wow!  Such an entertainer.  It will be my famous vegetarian spaghetti (again) because I have extremely limited cooking skills.  Fact of the matter is……I don’t really WANT to learn to cook that much stuff.  My needs and tastes are very simple.  If I can make a few things and do a good job with those, that’s enough for me.  I make a truly WICKED toasted bagel with cream cheese.

A bird just clunked into my office window.  Poor little thing – sat there in the bushes with a glazed look in its little eyes.  Breathing fast.  Not blinking.  But after a few minutes, he fluffed himself and got about the business of flying off.  With so much glass on that side of the house, this happens quite a bit.  When I lived in Saint Paul, the birds would eat the berries of the mountain ash tree, become intoxicated, and slam into the windows too.

mountain ash

Everything we did to make the windows safer actually made things worse for the birds.  So they slammed into the windows, recovered, and flew off to another day.

The birds have become quite tame (at least in the back yard).  I can get within a few feet of the finch feeders.  And a within a few inches of the hummingbirds.  I feel like Saint Francis of Assisi.


Except I am not even close to being holy.  And I have no intention of ever doing that to my hair.

And so it goes.  Another day, another 59 cents.


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18 responses to “KLM Here I Come!

  1. poundheadhere

    We have a huge window in our bedroom but because of the heat we generally keep the curtains pulled. The other day when they were opened, we too had a bird visitor that smacked against the glass. Our little flier got up, dusted himself (herself?) off and headed out again.

    I can only imagine how excited you are to be headed toward Europe! I hope your flight is boring in a good way – no insanity with the terrorism industry to muck things up. Not on your plane, not on any plane.

  2. St Francis of Assisi, according to an old legend, was such a boring preacher that he couldn’t get anybody to listen to his sermons, so he preached to birds, which is why he’s often portrayed accompanied by birds.

  3. As the ads on TV used to say – Have an Amsterdam good time!

  4. You will look simply stunning in a blue and white tonsure. 🙂

  5. We used to have birds flying into our front storm door and the windows often during the summer months. It was so sad when they didn’t always make it after the initial crash landing.
    Spaghetti sounds delicious…….next time I visit?????

  6. goatbarnwitch

    I had the same problem with birds flying into the big picture window in the living room. I think they thought they could fly straight through the house because there are double windows in line with the big picture window… anyway, I tried many things and wood blinds seem to have done the trick and they keep Jack, our cockatiel, from bumping into the windows from the inside

  7. farmgirl

    So….keep rubbing it in that you are flying to Amsterdam….you stinker!! Am SO jealous!! Have an absolutely fabulous time! You have a travel partner will versed in any and all travel! What fun! Send lots of pictures!!

  8. You are going to have an absolutely terrific time!

  9. Patty O'

    Last year at Mission Trails a great horned owl flew into one of the high windows of the Visitor Center. He left his portrait in dust on the window. We loved it and showed it off…until somebody washed the window…

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