The Poolie Stare and Other Moments of Euphoria

Captain’s Log   5,570

A Confederacy of Dunces.  They proved themselves once again.  Yesterday’s meeting with the Confederacy resulted in raised voices, demoralizing remarks, petty accusations, people not taking ANY responsibility for their behavior (again), and a mass exodus before I had a chance to speak my piece.  Or is that speak my peace (which is what I wrote initially).  The fearless leader sat there and let everything escalate to the boiling point.  Sad to see “professional” adults act that way.  The bullies triumphed yesterday.  They are taking over because they are being allowed to do so.  Long story short, I need to schedule an appointment with some of those folks to state my wishes.  Yesterday’s train wreck was NOT the moment.  They were too involved in their own ego-driven crapfest.

I shot the famous Poolie Stare across the table at my biggest foe just to see what would happen.

poolie stare 1

Has your blood turned to ice yet?  LOL!

That is the “teacher look” that I perfected over the years.  Funny as it may seem, most people cannot return this look.  My foe tried and my foe did not triumph.  Within 10 seconds, my foe’s eyes were averted.  I just held the look so when my foe glanced up, AHA!  The beams of disgust shooting from eyes were still firing.   I did this for at least 90 seconds.  That is eternity in the world of stare-downs.  My foe could not admit defeat by saying, “Stop looking at me like that!”  Because….that would have acknowledged the level of discomfort I had caused.  A loose interpretation would be….DEFEATED!  It was my only moment of silent hilarity all day.  Some days, you take what you can get.  Dammit.

I went to another tw0-hour meeting after my three-hour debacle with the Confederacy.  So….by the time I got home, I was willing to eat cold food from the fridge without even plating it or trying to make it look nice.   I was so tired that even the new AARP magazine looked interesting.  Yes, I joined AARP because I like getting free stuff.  I like belonging to groups that sound like harbor seals in rut when you say the name out loud.  AARP!  AARP!  AARP!  

Four more days of work before I leave!  A week from today, I will be in Chicago with my friend!  We are going to putter around for the day and get ready to leave for Amsterdam on Friday.  We need to be at the airport about 1:00 PM on Friday.  Flight leaves around 4:00 PM.  They will feed us and hope we go to sleep.  We arrive in Amsterdam at 7:00 Saturday morning.  My traveling companion is going to take Ambien about two hours into the flight.  Eeek!  I be askeered of stuff like that.  She offered me some, but I don’t think I it would be a good idea to take Ambien for the first time on a trans-Atlantic flight.  What if I hallucinated?  What if I had an Ambien moment and thought I could fly the damn plane?  We upgraded our seats to Economy Plus which means we have more room for legs.  If I can stretch out a bit more in the seat, I can probably sleep without too much trouble.  No Ambien!

economy plus

Economy Plus seating.  Just enough of a change to make life bearable on a long flight.  With my long legs, I need all the help I can get!

We can crawl over each other without too much difficulty.  And I think there are only two seats in our row.  Sweet!  We have the same seats on both flights.  Sweet!  I ordered vegetarian food and my friend ordered something like Middle Eastern vegan.  It will be interesting to see what we get!

We are also going to use the Museumkaart.  It’s a pre-paid pass to get into 34 different museums in the Amsterdam area.  It will cost us about $65 in US dollars, but the savings are amazing!  And it’s good for a whole year.  Hmmmm…….  Another trip perhaps?  We can see the Anne Frank House, a maritime museum, a diamond museum, the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum, and even the palace!  Yes, I think another trip might be in order….before the cards expire.


Isn’t this the coolest thing???

So I guess I have frittered away enough time here this morning.  Duty calls….again.  


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22 responses to “The Poolie Stare and Other Moments of Euphoria

  1. jane

    Paddington Bear, eat your heart out!

  2. I’ve seen The Stare but thankfully never been in the line of fire……that meeting sounds like just another reason to add to the List of Horrors you work with…..but a wonderful trip is in the works and it won’t be long now.

  3. I’m with Pen Pen. The only thing more infuriating to an idiot is if you smile. They assume you know something (whether or not you do) or that you’re plotting something against them (true or otherwise). Either way, it will freak them the heck out 😉

    You are going to have SO much fun in Amsterdam!!! Take lots of pictures – they will be astounding, I bet.

  4. Patty O'

    What a horrid meeting! And what a contrast to Wednesday morning with all the good ideas and willing cooperation. The Stare was definitely called for. As for the Ambien: nope, and most certainly without a test run. I suggest you ask the nice flight attendant to being you a brandy. It will calm you enough for sleep with no side effects…unless you go for the whole bottle, in which case you have worse problems than lack of sleep. It s going to be a GRAND trip!

  5. joanie

    Yeah, you might not want to take Ambien for the first time on a trans-Atlantic whilst surrounded by a bunch of strangers. You might get so relaxed that you would be tempted to join the Mile-High club with one of them, and worse yet, not even remember it! It’s like that stuff the dentist gave me…..breaks through your embarrassment barriers and gives you amnesia. Careful!

  6. So sorry about the Dunces. I wonder what they think they are doing.

    Yes, found days, and after your return and recovery, a party. Yes!!!

  7. Mia

    If I remember right I signed you up for AARP when you were 55 as part of your birthday present. Did not know you had continued it.

  8. Good for you. Stare ’em down. It’s a step up from what I had to teach the women I worked with: “don’t ever let the s.o.b. see you cry.” By the time I left, they were all staring him down.

  9. I keep coming back to look at ” the stare”. Cracks me up every time!

  10. Maryz

    Love The Stare! Good job!

    We’ve used ambien for years on overseas flights, with no ill effects. For us, it lets us get to sleep and wake up in a few hours with no “hang over”. You’re probably wise not to take it without a “test run”. Maybe you could get that in beforehand. Look at lots of VanGoghs for me, please,

  11. Penny Tushingham

    Just like the stare works, if someone is sounding off or arguing with you, just smile. It will totally deflate the other person.

    Pen Pen

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