Yes, Mother

Captain’s Log   5,569

I don’t care what the critics say…..The Bates Motel is amazing, creepy fun!


Yes, Mother

Holy mommacita!

And later today…..



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16 responses to “Yes, Mother

  1. poundheadhere

    Haven’t seen Bates Motel yet but it definitely sounds intriguing – and creepy! I’ve heard of Confederacy of Dunces, but tend to avoid case studies of politicians 😉

  2. Susanna McGrath

    Both entertainments sound equally fringy. Right up your alley.
    Glad to hear you are having theater fun again.

  3. I haven’t watched this tv show….sounds like I am missing a good one…guess I will catch up via Netflix when it is available.

  4. I agree. Bates Motel is well written. And I’m hooked. Nothing in the plot is outrageously shocking or utterly surprising, but the subtleties of various events keep your interest. Norma is a whack-job, Norman will ultimately end up killing her, both the sheriff and deputy sheriff are fruitcakes, and brother Dillon, unlikely “good guy”, is probably the only character close to being sane on the show. It just goes to show you that suspense doesn’t have to be Earth shattering or monumental.

  5. Stretching the imagination is much more fun than stretching muscles.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    Interesting day you have planned!

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