Small Hordes

Captain’s Log   5,568

Frank the Painter (also known as Frank the Drummer, Frank the Bass Player, and Frank the Crooner) will be over today to finish painting the fence and my front door.  YAY!  It must be nice to have so many monikers (neener).  

I had a meeting yesterday with the theatre folks.  Plans are coming together for our summer production.  It will be a fundraising variety show.  Here’s a photo of the cast and crew from the last show.

clairemont act one

Cutie patooties

I am not directing this show.  I am going to be in one scene (the 2-person, 10-minute version of Oklahoma).  I just don’t have the energy to direct again right now.  The last one was a HUGE chunk of time.  I need a break.  This one goes up June 21 and 22.  It should be a hoot!

It’s Free Tuesday at the museum.  Joy of joys.  Our last one was huge because of spring break.  It should be manageable today.  We are hoping for that.  Hoping.

My head cold continues to daunt with misery.  I stopped at the pharmacy last night to get some extra duty Thera Flu.  I wrapped up in a blanket and watched Pawn Stars and drank my drug-filled lemonade.  It was quite a night.  Let the good times roll.

Time to head out to face the hordes.  Even if they are small, they are still hordes.  


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9 responses to “Small Hordes

  1. Susanna McGrath

    Wow, that house of yours is getting a mighty fine tune up. I planning on filling in my pool. It’s a monumental task. Frank the demolition man?

  2. I hope your Free Tuesday was a quiet one and that you’re feeling ship-shape again soon. It’s good you won’t be taking on such a big theatrical responsibility again too soon; don’t want you to be burned out!

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Get thee healthy Woman – you have a grand adventure ahead of you! (see also: plenty of fluids; vitamin C; plenty of rest)

  4. Hope the Thera Flu works. Feel better!

  5. I’m waving from a grand distance….tho I love ya, I don’t want your cold. Tell the Geezer about your next appearance. 🙂

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