Vegas Report

Captain’s Log   5,566

Home again with a pretty nasty head cold.  In spite of that, I had a wonderful time!  In no particular order……


Recycled Percussion show!  


Playing on ladders, garbage cans…..and just about anything else!

a guy dressed up in feathers and Calvin Klein tighty whities

an Asian bus driver who kept say “hole-awn bus going now hole-awn”


The Deuce Bus that gave us quite an adventure – both ways!  Hole-awn! My Febreze neighbor would have loved this guy!

a dominatrix standing next to a pink gorilla (no image because she wanted a dollar and was frightening)


Milkshakes at the KGB Burger place

a pipe band in the middle of the action

winning 5,000 pennies on a Wheel of Fortune Machine

the Mob Museum


Al Capone and his friends at the Mob Museum

an Asian bus driver who say “Lady!  Use other door!  Lady!  Shame on you!”

one dollar margaritas

wearing beaten up pots on our heads at the Recycled Percussion show


Audience participation at its finest

Heinous in the company of strippers

the Fremont Street Experience

fremont street

Old Vegas at its finest on downtown Fremont Street

the Bellagio water show (which could be seen from our room)

off shift in Vegas

Changing of the guard – street performers on Fremont Street

watching CNN every possible chance to see what the hell was going on in Boston

crepes for breakfast

Photos of Heinous being bad are forthcoming.  They are very incriminating!


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14 responses to “Vegas Report

  1. Did you get the cigarette smell out of your pores yet? Blecch!

  2. Patty O'

    Have missed your daily offerings; glad you’re home again!

  3. maryz

    Glad you had such a blast!

  4. Penny Tushingham

    Rest up, you big trip is around the corner!

    Pen pen

  5. poundheadhere

    One of these days I’d like to go back go Vegas – but with the money to see at least one show 🙂 You make it sound like an absolute blast!

  6. What? No Johnny Depp? Oh, wait, maybe he was one of Heinous’s strippers?

  7. Sounds wonderful! You are probably one of the best ads for Vegas.

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