Be a Light of Hope

Captain’s Log   5,563

After what happened in Boston yesterday, nothing I have to say means much.


We live in a very violent world filled with bitterness and misunderstanding.  I have no solution except to be the best I can be as often as I can – to keep trying to understand.  And to forgive those who wrong me or hold me responsible for things beyond my control.

What happened yesterday in Boston is a reaction to fear.  There are only two emotions that drive us.  One is love.  The other is fear.  If you think about it (and it shouldn’t take long), it’s easy to see this.   Look deeply at the dog that bites.  Why does it bite?  Because it is afraid.  It is afraid of losing status in the pack, afraid its master will be injured, afraid of losing its food, etc.  Transfer that same ideology to humans.  War and terrorism are all driven by fear.  Fear that someone will lose control, land, religious standing before God, etc.   When controlled by fear, anything that stands in the way must be destroyed without regard for human consequence.  Without regard for any consequence.

Think about it.  And then go be a light today.  Even a small one will do, for with so much darkness, you are sure to be noticed.


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16 responses to “Be a Light of Hope

  1. I disagree that fear drives the kind of misery that struck in Boston. It is hatred, which isn’t necessarily driven by fear of losing anything. It’s a power ploy in the worst way, a disgusting chest-beating display of the worst kind.

    • poolagirl

      Think about it. What is the root of hatred? Fear. I don’t know what they are fearful of, but loving people do not hate. Fearful people do.

  2. Susanna McGrath

    Couldn’t agree more about holding a space of light in the preceived darkness. That’s all that is asked and we know how much more powerful one light is compared to a whole lot of darkness. It’s not a huge percentage that tips the scales; it only took one monkey, remember the hundredth monkey story? Monkey see, many monkey do. Thanks for remembering the light in all things along with the humor in all things Paula. XO

  3. I agree also. This world is getting smaller and more frightening. I don’t look forward to having many, many more years ~ at least not years of optimism and hope. And I’m so sad to say that.

  4. Thank you for saying it for me.

  5. I say it regularly: hatred is redirected fear, and it’s wrong. It only generates more fear and more violence. What I am most afraid of is that we will never learn.

  6. I agree that love and fear are two primal emotions that drive us. But so does greed. Many people or radical groups who commit senseless crimes want more of something: Money. Power. Land. Recognition. Notoriety. It is a scary world. And with so many countries now having access to nuclear weapons, or at the least, close to having them, it’s an even scarier world.

  7. joanie

    Your post today made me cry and also to think of one of my favorite songs ever. “Get Together” by the Youngbloods. “You hold the key to love and fear all in your trembling hand. Words of wisdom. So simple yet so unreachable. What a sad day yesterday was.

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