Preparing For My Journey(s)

Captain’s Log   5,562

It’s a rainy and lovely Monday.  How I wish I could just stay home and write.  My goal today is to leave work about 3:30 and meet with the person who is pitching my idea(s) to groups of people who could make them actually happen for me.  I am a good thinker upper of ideas – but not the best marketer or promoter of those ideas.  The person I am meeting with today is an intellectual property agent who is there to protect my best interests.  If I sign a contract today (which is very possible), I will have a real agent.  That feels really odd for some reason.  It feels sort of grown up.   And it’s taken me 61 years to feel this way?  Interesting.

The garden continues to delight me.  It looked so lovely in the morning rain.

morning rain 2

Some sort of begonia growing in a pot.  I can see it just outside my office window.  Hello, begonia!

morning rain 1

Some pretty little thing that grows from a bulb.  They are all over the front area near the fence.  Thanks to Victorino, the one just outside the back door is blooming now too.  

The birds are so boldly funny.  When I go out to fill the feeder, they fly to the nearest perch and just stare at me as if to say, “Hurry it up!  Haven’t got all day!”  By the time I slip off my Crocs and open the door to go back into the house, they are already swarming the feeder for fresh thistle seed.  Local doves have discovered the dropped seed now and are patrolling the ground for the spillage.  Poor doves.  They are too bulky and slow to get out of the way when the hawks swoop down.  Every bird taken from the yard has been a dove.

morning rain 3

Snapshot taken from my office.  Easy to see why I chose this room for my desk and library.

The coffee is getting cold, the laundry needs to be folded, and I cannot think of any more excuses to not get ready for the salt mines.  Fortunately, it’s only two days.  I have a lovely work event in La Jolla on Tuesday night (actually NOT being sarcastic) and then I leave to pick up Big Sister Mia around 9:30 on Wednesday morning.   We fly out around noon but we are parking in one of those lots near the airport so it takes a little time.

Amsterdam is right around the corner too.  I am delighted to know that my Kindle fits inside the new travel bag purse thing I bought for the trip.  I Skyped with Anneke yesterday and she is getting excited too.  With all the museums we want to see (and the palace and stuff), it makes sense for us to buy an annual pass for that.  It’s about $65 in US currency to get that.  Makes sense if some of the museums are almost $20 to begin with.  

The Rijksmuseum has just re-opened after being closed about 10 years for renovation.  Cannot wait to see that!


Anneke said this one could take several visits.  Sure she is right about that!

So the excitement builds and builds.  Agents, traveling, new horizons……..and the peace garden just outside the door.


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24 responses to “Preparing For My Journey(s)

  1. Susanna McGrath

    The agent thing is perfect! It is high time! the garden is lovely; loved the story about the birds on the fence waiting for the goods.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    beautiful garden! sometimes I think the anticipation of good things is nearly as good as the things themselves – enjoy both the prep and the trips 🙂

  3. poundheadhere

    What a beautiful, serene garden. The birds really do make a difference, don’t they? We don’t have a bird feeder – yet – but we do have a nest with baby birds tucked under the roof of the back porch. You can hear them whenever the back window is open!

    And hooray for travel! Amsterdam will be wonderful, just take a jacket. G and his sister talk all the time and she said they still have VERY chilly weather this year.

  4. Your Garden of Poolie is most excellent. I am excited for you to go on your trips too. I know we will all enjoy the benefits of your many observations. And good luck with the idea agent man too!

  5. maryz

    Enjoy your “tripping” (the right kind, not the other kind). I do love museums! Will you get to see Van Gogh pieces, too? Sighhhhhhhhhhh with envy! You’re very nice to provide a buffet for your local hawks. Our hawks aren’t the bird-eating kind – but our red-tails keep the critter population under control.

  6. Mia

    Two more days to fun.

  7. Patty O'

    Your garden is breathtaking. Wow! :When you go to the Rijksmuewum please be sure to take an extra good look at Rembrandt’s “Night Watch”. I saw it in 1969 BEFORE it had been cleaned, so it was all dark and gloomy and hard to see. I would love to know how it looks NOW. Ah, Amsterdam. Good memories…

  8. Ned

    I’m sure you’ll love Amsterdam, the Memsahib and I went for a city break there last October and are longing to go again.

  9. joanie

    PS I obviously don’t know when to use hashtag because I don’t tweet but it just seemed to fit in. ha ha

  10. joanie

    The whole intellectual property/agent/contract/# thing sounds VERY exciting. Good wishes that today goes the way you want it to! Beautiful flowers. The garden looks AWSOME

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