Mia and I Discuss Hoarding

Captain’s Log   5,561

It’s been a week.  Two more days and I fly off to Vegas for some much-needed fun.  Then it’s off to Amsterdam (to see Anneke and Bert)  on May 1st.  The first part of the trip is to Chicago before flying out with DeAnn from there on May 3rd.  We fly all night and arrive in Amsterdam on Saturday morning.  You have no idea what this trip means to me!  I am beyond excited!  We leave Amsterdam on the 17th.  After spending another night in Chicago, I fly back to San Diego on the 19th.   I will only be reachable by email or Facebook, and that is fine.  Using my phone in Europe is ridiculously expensive and I don’t feel like forking out $200 for a special data plan.  I don’t WANT to be tied to the phone.  I want to shut it off in Chicago and just leave it there.  


Traveling fool

I ordered some stuff online for the trip.  I need a new download/charging cable for my small camera (seems to have vanished), some data diskette things, a new data diskette thing reader thing, a little storage pouch for data diskette things, and the new book for the club meeting in June.

telegraph avenue

I ordered it for Kindle so I can read it on my trip.  No “real” books going on this trip.  Only Kindle reading allowed.   My traveling pal and I agreed.

We are packing super light.  I want everything to fit into a small personal bag.  Small camera and Kindle already fit into my day bag purse thing.  Guess I will fill up the rest with Euros.  LOL!

I spent some lovely time with my sister today.  She came over and we had a “visit.”  We aren’t really the visiting type, but it was kind of fun.  We talked about hoarding.  We both have an enormous amount of books, but we are not hoarders.  We don’t let rats and bugs feed on our books.  And our books do not prevent us from using the kitchen.  And, as far as I know, neither of us has found a mummified snake among our books.  I think we are still fine.


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10 responses to “Mia and I Discuss Hoarding

  1. I know that Amsterdam will never be the same after the Captain has landed on her shores. I also know you will be more fun than most people just because…..just because you can!

  2. George

    You can always buy new clothes and ship the dirty ones home by fed-ex when they stand up by themselves.

  3. You are going to have a ball in both places.

    Instead of traveling, we bought a replacement sofa at IKEA today. I paid a fortune for the one we are giving to daughter. We bought a lampshade too. Someday we will be able to unpack.

    Email and facebook it is.

    You both know where you can donate books, says the book woman….LOL

  4. I’ve been to your house. It looks like real people live there, not like hoarding. Big difference 😉

  5. Mia

    It was fun to visit.

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