Garden is FINISHED!

Captain’s Log   5,560

The yard is finished!  The yard is finished!  The British are coming!  Oh….wait.  Wrong moment of excitement.  I got home yesterday to find Victorino doing the last of the clean up.  He is such a sweetie pie!  He even dragged my trash and recycling to the street!  When I went out to do it later, it was already done.  

Once again, we went into the yard to get introduced to all the plants.   And the mulch.   And the irrigation tubing.  He is going to come back every day to check on the grass until it is established.  I simply cannot believe this guy!

He added a lot of color to the back.  I told him I love dianthus, so he went out and got some and added them to the huge pots that had been stored next to the house.

wee willy

Could they be any prettier?  I ask you!

Everything else is mulched and watered and ready to grow grow grow!  Five pygmy date palms in the front and now five more in the back.  Come on, Mother Nature!

yard is done!

Cannot wait for summer!

On another note, I reported the asshat who assaulted a member of the museum staff.  It took the committee about five minutes to respond to my email.  The guy has been banned from all of their events AND they are sending Michael a gift certificate.  He is pretty darn jazzed about that.  He held his temper and avoided a “situation.”  That is not his first choice, but he is learning.

I am doing some research for the upcoming exhibit.  I have found some amazing material.  Who remembers Tootsietoys?  I sure don’t.


The company started out making the trinkets in Cracker Jack and for the Monopoly games.  I love learning shit like this.  What one ever DOES with the information is a matter of speculation.

I have a very busy day at the salt mines.  Lucky me.  Dinner tonight with Big Sister Mia and the doctor we both work for. YAY!


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24 responses to “Garden is FINISHED!

  1. Okay. Enough! I’m heading out of this winter wonderland of ours and I’m going camping in your back yard! And I HATE camping but 1. We have more snow coming and 2. Your yard is gorgeous!

  2. Your yard looks absolutely gorgeous – no surprise, but still a joy to see it. I can foresee a few days in your future where you are out on a lounge chair, watching the birds inhabit the wonderland you’ve created.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    mazel tov the garden, it is lovely. I used to have pink pinks… they are pretty little flowers.

  4. Susanna McGrath

    The yard looks great! What fun to create a little paradise on your OWN piece of land. I may have to get Victorino’s number from you. I need help!
    My father’s name was Victor, he wanted to name me Victoria…it’s a sign.

  5. Joanie Benson


  6. Patty O'

    Congratulations on the beautiful new yard, front and back. What a difference it will make! And I love that all of this came from Victorino passing out flyers and you actually reading one! Kismet.

  7. Now I know the name of that pink plant we have at our big house…Think I can persuade RH to dig it up and replant it here? So glad that Michael got something for the assault and that the bad guy is banned….Hope you get a chance to enjoy your new paradise in the back yard this weekend..

    • poolagirl

      I have a fairly light weekend planned. Cannot wait to enjoy Eden! Good luck with the transplanting. They are also really cheap at the nurseries right now.

  8. Mia

    See you tonite. Yard looks great.

  9. Penny Tushingham

    OMG, the back yard is breathtaking and I love the pink flowers. Of course, I love all pink flowers. You are so lucky to have found such a great gardener!

    Pen Pen

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