Yard is Almost Finished!

Captain’s Log   5,559

One more day and the yard will be complete!  Huzzah!  I got home from work yesterday just as Victorino was packing his truck.  He was so excited to show me every single flower and bush.  The sweetest man ever!  He kept saying, “I make this nice for you, yes?”  I kept agreeing.  I paid the remaining amount of his fee and then we talked about how often he will come to maintain the work.  “I keep it nice for you, yes?”  He should be happy.  He picked up two clients on my street after they saw the miracles he worked in the front yard.

The back yard is going to be a forest!  It is no longer a yard for kids and dogs.  It’s a true garden now.  Serene and ready for more birds.  And guess what?  The birds have already found it.  There were about 25% MORE birds out there this morning.  Word is out on the street that this is the place to be!  I don’t smoke, I barely drink, I don’t eat meat, I don’t do any drug stronger than Advil……..so I can have a nice yard AND I can have my books.  That is how I choose to spend my money.  Living plants and the written word.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.

Oh yeah…..I forgot travel.  I do a lot of that too.  Add that to the mix.  Even with that, I am really a very tame person.  I don’t really like parties or running around either.  But for some reason, a lot of people think I am a drug-crazed partying fool.  I have no idea why.  I guess they made the assumption that anyone who would wear a candy bucket and travel around the world with a toy clown MUST be a drug-crazed partying fool.  Truth is, I would lose my job in a New York minute if I did anything illicit or illegal.   I even look over my shoulder the entire time I am in Vegas – just in case.  When I worked for a church, I got “busted” at Bally’s once when I didn’t look very perky.  I was standing in line for something when a person tapped me on the shoulder and recognized me.  Let’s just say……I wasn’t looking or feeling my best at the moment.  That taught me to be careful in any public place.  Any job where you are expected to be a role model requires that kind of discretion.

Even so, the threat of losing a job is not why I chose to live such a simple and uncomplicated life.  I really like it.   I enjoy being with people I like but I abhor crowds.  I would rather go to a good movie than eat out at a fancy restaurant.  I prefer to drive a Mazda over something sexy and sporty.  Really pretty harmless.

So I am off to take my harmless self to work now.  A film crew from PBS will there today and tomorrow.  It’s always something.  Take yesterday, for example.  The drummer from the old rock group Strawberry Alarm Clock showed up and asked me if we can help the band with a photo shoot for their new album cover.  That’s right.  Comeback time.  You just never know……


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10 responses to “Yard is Almost Finished!

  1. joanie

    Incense and Peppermints…Who cares what games we choose? Little to win and nothing to lose…. Words to live by. LOL

  2. Won’t that be interesting if the band uses the museum on their next cover? And PBS…..my, my……Downtown Auto instead of Downton Abbey?

  3. Mia

    You can be a bit wild in Vegas. I wont tell anyone

  4. Penny Tushingham

    Your back yard is now your sanctuary and you deserve it and will enjoy it. It is so great to find such a good worker in Victorino. And travel. I keep wondering when your coming back to Montana!

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