Got a Refund of $1.46!

Captain’s Log   5,558

I had no internet yesterday morning so there was no update here.  Apparently, the entire district went down (whatever that means).  I called to find out what was happening and they gave me a credit of $1.46 for my inconvenience.  Really funny.  All is well now.  Internet is working better than it ever did.

I came home from work (and the car repair shop) yesterday to find this!  YAY!  The bushes and trees have been planted!  It will soon be quite a forest out there!  I have FIVE pygmy date palms out there!  FIVE!

back yard planting

They are installing a weed barrier today and the drip irrigation will be attached and tested.  ALMOST finished!

I have wanted a yard like this my entire life.  The front yard is lush with green grass where I will sit in a nice chair and tickle my toes.  The back yard will turn into a place even more harmonious with the birds and critters already out there. It is completely wonderful!

There was nothing wrong with my brakes yesterday.  Imagine.  The funny noise the wheels make for ME did not make the noise for the technician.  They could have replaced everything and I would have never known, but they were honest.  So, sometime next week when the car IS making the noise, they want me to bring it back for a test drive with a mechanic.  So be it.

I am completely captivated with the new show on A&E.  The Bates Motel is playing as a type of prequel to the Hitchcock story.  It’s like Twin Peaks meets Northern Exposure meets Psycho.  Really fun.  The kid who plays Norman is fabulous!

bates motelCreepy!  Fun!

Off to the salt mines.


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15 responses to “Got a Refund of $1.46!

  1. No computer here yesterday either, HVAC folks today. Yesterday windows and doors….in both the kitchen and upstairs bath, light is cut almost by half. Quiet tho…just black and dark. We will come bring a picnic to share on your lawn once both our works are done. 🙂

  2. My husband, who is an automobile mechanic tells me all the time about bit being able to “duplicate” a sound that a customer hears. Of course, he doesn’t wear his hearing aids to work so that may be the problem also!!! Hahahaha

  3. poundheadhere

    Your yard is going to be gorgeous! I’m still tickled to death to see it coming together for you. You have your escape, and don’t have to take more than a few steps from your door.

  4. Edie

    Spelled sanctuary wrong….sorry…

  5. Edie

    Oh My…what a beautiful santuary. Your birds will love it and I know you will too. It looks so relaxing. Edie

  6. Glad things are going well in the yard…I’m sure you will be enjoying it even more once the work is done.
    We can’t even think about planting flowers here in Northern Indiana. It’s going to be down to the 40s the rest of this week and most of next. Glad we enjoyed the Florida weather so we can remember what it is like not to wear a coat…

  7. Oh, that yard is great! Like my cousin B, the one who should have been a botanist, I will never have the kind of garden I wanted. Of course, that helps me appreciate yours so much more.

  8. I’m pleased that you’re finally watching some quality TV.

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