Cars and Cars and Mermaids

Captain’s Log   5,557

It was quite a weekend.  I worked too many hours and came home too exhausted to write here.  Something is not right about that.  Let’s just say the weekend involved female dancers painted silver who pretended to be mermaids (complete with silver kelp that wafted in the breeze).  It also included 160 breakfast burritos the next morning.  And then…the really big show yesterday where  I was on site from 5:15 AM until almost 4:00 PM.  Good grief, Charlie Brown!  Guess who is not going to work today?

The breakfast at the museum also involved a physical altercation between a rude driver of a Bugatti and one of my staff.  When the staff member informed the guy he had parked in an illegal zone, the guy leaped out of his car and pushed him back with both hands — calling him a stupid fucker.  So guess who got to defuse that situation?

I waited until the guy went inside for a cup of coffee.  As he was standing in line, I reached out and shook his hand and welcomed him to the museum.  I used two hands to grab one of his hands.  And I would NOT let go.  I held on and explained why he was asked to move the car.  To save himself from a $600 fine.  He was tamer but still an a total asshat. He snarled right in my face, “Then give me a fucking fine!”  So I told our staff to call the police.  As it turns out, Asshat’s girlfriend (who actually owns the car) simply moved it over one space and nothing happened.  But I am going to report him to the driving committee.  He is no longer welcome in our museum.

Such is life in the fast lane.  

la jolla 2

Bugatti that did NOT belong to Asshat’s girlfriend.  Yes, we had two show up.  Remarkable.

la jolla pick

Director’s Choice award at the car show on Sunday.  That is a Toyota!

So off I go.  I just called into the office to sign a final check for someone who is leaving our employ to become a paralegal.  He is legally entitled to that check today, so off I go to sign it.  So much for a day off.


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21 responses to “Cars and Cars and Mermaids

  1. My youngest LOVES bugatis. We went to the car show in NYC a year or so ago and he wanted to climb in one, but they had it roped off (no wonder). He DID get to sit in a new camaro (yum)… and that made him super happy.

  2. joanie

    When asshat said “Then give me a f….ing fine you could have said, “Okay, that will be 600 dollars”. The idiot probably would have paid you.

  3. Wow…You were my hero. I had just reached the I Am Worrying About You stage when I read this. Relax in your beautiful home. Know you are mucho loved and appreciated. Hugs too..

  4. You know, it almost sounds like the ghost of Mr. Bugatti himself showed up with that car. I wonder if his demeanor is any more pleasant when he’s alone with that wealthy girlfriend? I wonder if she’ll call me when she dumps him? Any chance you could pass along my number, Poolie? Thanks toots, I owe ya.

    BTW, I used to have a Toyota GT2000. Only cost me $13,500, in mint condition.

    Unfortunately it was in the game “Gran Tourismo 4” for Playstation. Still, it was a hell of a car. For an avatar.

    • poolagirl

      I don’t think she will ever dump him. Her son said she tolerates the jerk because it’s better than being alone. I cannot understand that.

      • Patty O'

        Oh dear. I have a dear friend who did the same thing. I fear there are some women who will never realize that there is a HUGE difference between being ALONE and being LONELY. One must be happy with one’s own company first and foremost. At this point I think I feel sorrier for the all too aware son…

  5. I bet you wish the police had already been there and he got the ticket….then he would have been yelling about that. As for actually touching an employee; wish they would have filed an assault charge. It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

  6. I want to give you something to smile about. We know how a spell-checker can tweak a text, but I’ve noticed they’re using those things for closed captioning too.

    Thus yesterday’s mention of someone named Willy Weasel. Fortunately for us, we recognized the man — Eli Wiesel.

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