Ramping Up Another Show!

Captain’s Log  5,556

Oklahoma is going to be such grand fun!  I met with Sally last night over veggie burgers to discuss our approach.  All I can say for now is….

canned corn

cowboy hats




stick horses

suns and moons on paint stir sticks that we can flip back and forth

Sally is incredibly smart and funny.  The three hours we spent eating and talking and laughing until we fell out of our chairs just flew by!  She also had issues with the Problem Child in the last show.  So glad it wasn’t just me.  We both agreed that Problem Child will be cast as the third spear carrier from the left in whatever show is next.  If there isn’t a part for a spear carrier, I will create one.  I told her flat out I don’t want to ever direct her again.  She understood completely.

Leaving for Vegas in 12 days and they cannot get here soon enough.  It will be such a delight to see Amy and Kelly again!  Two sweetie pies that add so much joy to our family.  We plan to visit the Mob Museum and take in a really great show.  I am bringing my camera to take some more movies.  Last year’s film was……beyond weird.  If you have 15 extra minutes and want to watch this, feel free.


Working all weekend with a big car show in the most sought-after zip code in the county.  Cocktail party with the snobbiest of snobs tonight, breakfast for 160 at the museum at 7:30 tomorrow morning, and the big show on Sunday.  I am taking Monday off to get my taxes done, clean the house, and just kick back and rest.



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10 responses to “Ramping Up Another Show!

  1. joanie

    You all are seriously INSANE! But the drum solo was way better than I remembered.. And “Cleo” should go on the TV show “Shark Tank” since she invented everything. I think she’d do really well. Barbara Corcoran could make her a millionaire!

  2. Is it Vegas time again? That’s awesome! You should be a much happier Poolie for the trip.

  3. I really that video from last year…and the “guests” who were looking at all of you as if they had just called Security and wanted to see what happened!
    Glad you get to see Mia tomorrow and have a Monday off too…..or to watch your new grassy turf grow…..

  4. They don’t sleep standing up? LOL What fun,.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Hope you find some fun in your very busy weekend!

    Pen Pen

    • poolagirl

      That is highly unlikely. Except for the afternoon I am spending with Big Sister Mia on Saturday. Going to see “Quartet.”

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