Air Flossing

Captain’s Log   5,553

The sod is here!  I am jazzed to think there will be a nice yard waiting for me when I get home tonight.  I am going somewhere right after work, so I will have to gaze upon the glory of green by moonlight.  That is fine.  Victorino told me it’s best to let the ground sit churned up and untouched for two weeks before the sod is laid.  That gives the sun a chance to clear out any remaining weeds.  His father is out there right now raking the soil nice and flat.  This is a big day for me.  And the sod.

I was having some issues with my permanent lower retainer, so I checked into getting something new.  The dentist assured me that the latest and greatest thing would be just the ticket.  It’s a Kelvar strip that attaches to the back of the teeth.  The advantage is that you never know it’s there.  No more feeling the wire (which I have contended with for 24 years now) and having debris get stuck behind the wire, etc.  Price tag on that……



Was there a Plan B?

Yes!  He could make me a removable lower retainer that I would only wear at night.  Price tag on that…..



Plan C was simply dealing with what I have.   I chose Plan C.

Orthodontia was costly and time consuming.  I don’t want to do anything to compromise the efforts, and wearing a lower retainer for the rest of my life is required.  Having it permanently attached certainly makes it easy, but it is annoying at times.  I always always ALWAYS feel the wire.  I have adjusted to it being there, but there is a still a wire in my mouth.  Right behind my bottom teeth.  Always.  I cannot bite into large hard apples and there are a few other challenges.  But I will settle for the inconvenience for now.  

I have been using an air flosser for about a year now, and that makes a huge difference.

air floss

Why they call this an air flosser is a mystery since you fill it with water or mouthwash.

It’s like having your own personal fire hose for your mouth.  The pressure is amazing.  It pretty much takes care of anything that is not nailed down in there.  Gotta be careful or you end up dousing the entire bathroom.  It’s like a Water Pik on steroids.

airfloss 2

Deceiving photo of ruggedly handsome guy using his air flosser thing.  There is no way in hell you can just stick it up to your tooth and smile in the mirror.  If that thing was really working, his entire face would be soaked and water would be dribbling all over his chin.  Trust me.

Getting ready to start work on the 10-minute version of Oklahoma!  Trying to decide if we should carry plastic ears of corn or cans of corn.  It’s decisions like this that can make or break your career.


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18 responses to “Air Flossing

  1. I never heard of an air flosser either. Looks cool, even if messy, lol. If all else fails, create corncobs with yellow popcorn, glue and TP rolls. Exaggerated nicely for the audience but lightweight enough you could toss them and nobody gets hurt.

  2. No airs for you. Photos of the green? Eagerly awaited. 🙂

  3. How about pictures of ears of corn on popsickle sticks…..?

  4. Penny Tushingham

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the sod and making those changes/additions are much more worth the dollars than a fancy retainer.


  5. maryz

    I vote for cans, too – or maybe a bag of frozen corn.

  6. Patty O'

    I say carry CANS of corn. That way if the audience isn’t properly appreciative you can throw them.

  7. bholles

    Never heard of a flosser like you have. Yeah on the yard.

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