Jason Feeds the Hummingbirds

Captain’s Log   5,532

Okay, I just scared myself!  You can buy a MASK hummingbird feeder!  The birds come right up to your face and drink nectar!

Humming Bird Helmet gets you up close

Jason feeds the hummingbirds

I find this truly horrifying for some reason.  I don’t think I would enjoy this.

I am facing a week from hell.  I work Friday night, Saturday morning (until around 10:00), and all day Sunday.  In addition to the regular week hours.  No longer fun or rewarding.  And after the debacle last week with my knight in shining armor, I know those things are nothing but fantasy.  


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13 responses to “Jason Feeds the Hummingbirds

  1. jane

    Sometimes a hummingbird will come very close to me when I’m sitting quietly in the yard, the buzzing they make is quite intense. Another time they will scare the what’s its out of me while out geocaching by buzzing like a rattlesnake and zooming out of a bush!

  2. It is most assuredly time. You have done all you can; the next step is up to you. The only question now is whether you are achieving anything by staying.

  3. It would be fun to wear that hummingbird mask while sunbathing.

  4. I don’t suppose you would even consider calling in sick? Yeah, I know….

  5. I’m just going to bite my tongue.

  6. I wish I could think of a way to help, but my solutions would make it worse. Sending you the strength you’ll need.

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