Captain’s Log  5,530

Things did not go as planned yesterday.  But it doesn’t matter.  I hooked up with some people who are willing to present me with the opportunity of a lifetime.  I was offered a position on a creative team with some people connected in high places.  Nothing is set in stone.  This is just the beginning of a new dawn.  My head is spinning.  

Now it’s all in the timing.  I have an ace up my sleeve and it’s just a matter of when it gets played.

Cryptic, I know.  Vital that it stay this way….for now.


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14 responses to “Cryptic

  1. If cryptic is needed, so be it. I hope it turns into something wonderful!

  2. KARMA IS A BITCH……AND HER NAME IS…… Can’t wait until the boom is lowered and all those naysayers get slapped up side the head….

  3. Shhh! Sitting here with bated breath.

  4. Cryptic response: fish, Crete 1942.

  5. Cryptic is fun when the details finally emerge!

  6. Patty O'

    FLY, my friend!

  7. It’s about time. Don’t you think?

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Awesome, Yipppeee, can’t wait to hear more when you can talk about it.

    Pen Pen

  9. goatbarnwitch

    I hope all the pieces fall into place perfectly for you

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