Homemade Macaroons Made My Morning

Captain’s Log  5,529

I had a really good meeting with the theatre group last night.  One of the discussions was about the respect that needs to be given to the director.  Problem Child just sat there and looked sulky.  During an earlier meeting (sans Problem Child), other people also discussed their “issues” with her.  It was gratifying to know that it wasn’t just me.  She created hell for the set builders, the technical director, the president of the theatre, etc.  

Production problems were discussed during the larger post-mortem.  She actually blamed her tremendous fuck up on…..the audience!  She said they weren’t laughing enough so she completely forgot what she was doing and messed up the entire scene.  She blamed the AUDIENCE!  So for those of you who were there….shame on you!

I am constantly amazed how some people completely refuse to take responsibility for what they do.  I was elected to the board of directors at the first meeting, and I am sure that fried her ham as well.  Oh well.  Tough bounce, as they say in fabric softener commercials.

I met with some consultants who are doing some projects with the museum.  I came clean with them about some of the major issues, and they assured me they still want to do large projects with me regardless of what happens.  Most of these would be better served if was a free agent, so I am not worried.  I have three large ideas for them to ponder.  Cannot go into any detail at this time, but let’s just say if even one idea comes to fruition, it could be the biggest thing I have ever undertaken artistically.  

Speaking of artists, my pal Betty Boop is an amazing baker!  I ordered some Easter sugar cookies for my staff and some macaroons for myself.  I happened to be in her neighborhood the other night (sort of – anything within 5 miles is considered “in the neighborhood” here) when she sent me a text about picking them up.  I expected to get them later in the week, but it seemed easy to just swing by and get the order.  I passed out the cookies yesterday, and I started devouring the macaroons the moment I got home!

mac 1

Homemade macaroon – ready for consumption

mac 2

Macaroon all gone!

Moist and chewy and full of flavor!  I am in total heaven here!  I had one this morning with a glass of freshly-squeezed tangerine juice.  Another hit of nirvana!  One of the theatre guys brought a paper grocery bag filled with tangerines to the meeting last night.  We pounced like sharks.  

The theatre’s next production is going to be a variety show sometime in early summer.  The president of the theatre and I are going to do a blitz version of Oklahoma as our act.  We think we can do the entire show in 10 minutes using stick horses, fake corn, cowboy hats, aprons, and a lariat or two.  When we are guys, we will wear the hats.  When we are gals, we will wear the aprons.  I can’t wait to work on the square dance.


I can see it now.  And don’t think I am kidding about this.


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25 responses to “Homemade Macaroons Made My Morning

  1. You got it. I’ll supply the salad and desert. 🙂

  2. Yay for more theatrical projects ahead! One way or another I WILL be there for one of your plays again. It’s so much fun!!!

  3. Before I get to flapping while watching that video, I wanna let you know that we are off to a convention. Steffie will be at the other one too, so hopefully we will meet. We will be home by Sunday night.
    I wish I could drive at night. Yes, I would volunteer to be an assistant to your set designer….Bang, bang, with hammer, and I own a 4 inch brush.

  4. annanotbob

    here’s a link to a bit xx

  5. annanotbob

    Quick-fire Oklahoma sounds a blast. I’ve seen a great show called ‘the complete works of Shakespeare’ – very funny xx

  6. Patty O'

    I love the photo of the empty cookie paper! That is the best recommendation a baker could possibly have!

  7. Problem Child needs more comeuppances….Maybe you can cast her in the role as the villian who gets killed early in the play.
    I bet you are going to wear your John Deere PJs in the Okalahoma skit, aren’t you?

  8. I have heard a lot of reasons why an actor will mess up, but that one is unique! If they had laughed louder, she would have been mad that they drowned her out.

    Thank you, m’dear. I’ll just listen to the Geico gecko going up in his lines. Gets me every time — and he never blames me.

  9. Joanie Benson

    How can you show a macaroon THAT beautiful and then just take it away?? Now I’m gonna have to make a trip over to World Market and see if they have anything that even COMPARES.

  10. Penny Tushingham

    Hey, just like families….there is always one bad apple. Keeps you on your toes!

    Pen Pen

  11. Mia

    I was in the audience. Didnt now I caused her to screw up. Hope you are not going to cast her again in anything.

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