Clanging Pots of the Muse

Captain’s Log  5,526

This is what we missed in Omaha on Saturday.  


Heavy, wet late-season snowstorm.  We just missed this.  It started snowing just as we were leaving the area.

So it’s back to the fun and games of the real world today.   I am lunch with a reasonable board member to unload my concerns, etc.  After spending three days with my colleagues in Lincoln, it is very clear what must be done.  I really like the fellow and he listens well.  I hope he hears me.

I spent yesterday making things tidy, doing laundry, spending time with Big Sister Mia and finishing up season #7 of Dexter.  Not sure if anyone who reads here watches Dexter, but HOLY MOMMACITA!  What an ending!  I watched some extra footage where the director explained that the heavy ending emerged AFTER the scene was over.  They let the cameras roll and the actors continued “acting.”  It was quite amazing.  All I am going to say.

I had a chance to photograph some more flowers.  The roses are coming into high bloom right now.  Gorgeous.  So much fun to shoot.

red rose

Pretty pretty rose

I wish I could just stay home and write some music today.  I got this crazy idea last night to do a parody of Brigadoon and High Noon.  Call it Briga-Noon.  Cowboys in kilts, the sagebrush on the hill, the rifle dance.  The possibilities are endless.  The Muse is definitely clanging pots inside my head.  Too bad I cannot give her the attention she deserves right now.


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16 responses to “Clanging Pots of the Muse

  1. I just started watching Season 7 of Dexter this very afternoon. Now you’ve got me anticipating the end! Woohoo!

  2. I certainly would love to see Brigga-noon. It would be faboo!

  3. I’m sure you will be busy creating that new musical…….I can see the collage hanging on the wall now! LOL

  4. Patty O'

    LOVE your rose; stole it for my desktop. As for “Brig-a-Noon”; Bring it on! I’ll bet all your devoted fans would pony up to support such a production. I think it is BRILLIANT!

  5. We are cheering the clanging onward. 🙂

  6. Cowboys in kilts. My son modeled in one once; of course, I have lost the photo. He didn’t think much of amateur modeling (or any kind) until they offered him free clothes. He still wears that Armani suit!

  7. Maryz

    Definitely looking forward to Briga-Noon!

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