Jiggity Jig and Home

Captain’s Log  5,525

Home again.  I was SOOOO flat out tired when I got home!  I grabbed a bowl of popcorn, put on jammies, and tried to watch Dexter on demand.  My mind and body demanded something else.  I crashed.  Hard.

I got up at 7:30 Nebraska time and started doing chores.  I put the paint away (Frank left it out so I could see how much he bought, how much he used, etc.)  I did a huge load of laundry.  Then I got on Skype and talked with Anneke in the Netherlands.  I am so amazed at Skype.  What a wonderful thing!  I did it from my phone and was able to walk her around the house and yard.  Very fun.

I made some hummingbird nectar and welcomed the dawn.  It was such a lovely one.  Earlier than dawn in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Being more north, their sun rises around 7:30 in the morning and sets about 7:45 in the evening.  It was strange to experience that small shift, but it only affected me when I was actually outside.  The conference kept us so busy on Friday that I never left the building.

We dashed out on Wednesday after the conference and shopped a bit in the University of Nebraska store for some “official” products.  We had dinner at an excellent place and then stopped for coffee at The Mill.  One of the nicest shops I have ever visited.

the mill

Wonderful place!  Open late and people go there to TALK!  Imagine that!  Not everyone had their head buried in a laptop computer or a smart phone!

The shop is located in the Haymarket district of Lincoln.  Basically, it’s the old warehouse area that has been converted to very nice restaurants and shops.  Our hotel was right on the edge of this district.  We could look out our window and see the action.

old chicago

Haymarket district.  VERY fun!

The gardeners did a lot of work on the yard while I was gone.  Observe.

torn up yard

Installing new irrigation system.  Very excited about this!

We missed the snowstorm by a few hours.  It was just starting to snow when we boarded the plane in Omaha.  They de-iced the plane twice before we took off since we were going to fly right through the storm almost all the way to Salt Lake City.  We made that connection with about 15 minutes to spare.  BIG airport!  Thanks goodness for moving sidewalks!

Off to acclimate and restore myself a bit more.  Facing a busy week with lots of people in San Diego on spring break.  Good for admission revenues but taxing on the staff and volunteers who have to work extra hard to keep people in line.  Learned that is a problem with ALL car museums.  Not just us.


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13 responses to “Jiggity Jig and Home

  1. Your yard is coming together, slowly but surely. It will truly be an oasis once it’s done!

  2. Love those moving sidewalks….so glad you got home without much delay…..and now back to your regularly scheduled program in Hell Central.

  3. maryz

    Glad you had a good trip and missed getting snowed in. I hope it was productive.

  4. So glad you made it home. I was worried when I saw where the snow was headed. Yup, naked yard. Yup, now go spend a weekend in the Gaslamp and delight in the feel there too. Hugs, and welcome home.

  5. Moving sidewalks! I almost lost my husband on one. We got to the belt, I grabbed my suitcase and got on. I thought he was beside me but he wasn’t; he was still at the beginning, looking around like, “where am I?” I thought I was going to have to go back and get him — this was O’Hare, mind you — but just before I got to the end, he figured it out.

    It is such fun traveling with a kid.

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