Corn Heads

After a long day of seminars about restoration vs preservation, digitizing archives, planning endowments, and strategic planning…….it was time for some shopping and foodies!

We hit the big University of Nebraska store and then headed off to the Haymarket area (old warehouse district) for dinner. Our hotel is on the edge of the district. Everything within two blocks or so.

Touring the area by van today. It’s supposed to snow. Hope it does. Would be fun for Faye to see that b

Our noses are bleeding in the dry cold air. But who cares? This is an adventure!

I bought this for Big Sister Mia. Gonna wear it on the plane. I also screwed up the imaging. Have no idea what will show up here.




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12 responses to “Corn Heads

  1. Good but small pictures showed up. I do think the corn is better than a wedge of cheese tho.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    a corn cob hat?

  3. Linda

    You look fetching in your corn hat. That would be the stylish thing to wear at the Minnesota State Fair.

  4. joanie

    You look like Angela Landsbury with a corn on her head.

  5. What in the world would I do with that corn hat?

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