Roto Tilling and Accent Walls

Captain’s Log   5,519

The gardeners are back!  Let the roto-tilling begin!   New sprinkler installation.  Then sod.  And then desert plantings for the back yard.  Most of this will be finished when I return on Saturday night.  OH MY!

Frank the Painter was here last night for dinner and color choosing.  He is going to re-paint the accent wall in the living room (from salmon to rich deep green), the hallways, the guest room walls and ceiling, the front door, and the perimeter fence.  He starts tomorrow and should finish by Thursday.  

That means I will be walking in to a whole new place on Saturday night!  Unfortunately, it will be dark when I arrive home, so I won’t really see the yard until Sunday morning.  I am very anxious about the interior paint.  We discussed the color at length and we both decided that bold is a good choice.  All the art should really pop with that deep green color.  Especially the quilt.  The quilt is still going to hang on a white wall, but the accent wall is close enough to tie everything together.

All of this in time to really enjoy summer.  I am so very thrilled!

Off to work for a day of trying to get things done.  I want to go to bed no later than 8:00 tonight because 4:00 in the morning comes quickly – especially when you are jazzed about going on a trip.  We fly through Minneapolis for our connecting flight.  They are having a blizzard there today.  Glad we are going tomorrow.


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14 responses to “Roto Tilling and Accent Walls

  1. maryz

    Love your new decorating stuff. You’re very brave to go off and let it get done while you’re gone. That sounds like something I’d do. I wish you could get here to look at some of my paintings to see if something would go with it.

    Enjoy your blizzard. You could be here with our tornado warnings and wind shear storms with hail and damaging winds.

  2. annanotbob

    Travel safely, dear Poolie. I hope they got all the couch-grass out before they rotovate it. Lapintorade is right – the rug’s the thing 😉 xx

  3. The rug is supposed to tie everything together. Ask Lebowiski.

  4. I love your color choices. The house is going to be so much different than it was. Yay for changes! I am so happy for you and ….yes, I am trying to find some extra money for a visit…….working on it for sure.
    So, when would you have openings for guests inbetween all your traveling….?

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Wow, so many changes and happening so quickly. You are so lucky and can’t wait to see pictures!
    Pen Pen

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