A Day of Transformation

Captain’s Log     5,518

What a day!  It was filled with transformation!  The lawn AND something inside my house that has made me happier than you can ever imagine!

First thing.  The gardeners arrived about 8:00 and started ripping out all the excess growth.  They also took the lawn down to bare bones (which the other gardener did last year and managed to kill most of the nice grass).  So the lawn is ready to be tilled down about 18 inches and re-sodded!  YAY!  Sod in the front, desert plantings in the back.  It looks pretty sparse right now.  Truly ugly, but it will be amazing in another month or so.

scalped lawn

Pretty!  NOT!

Look at all the cowgrass “trailers” still running across what’s left of the lawn.  HATE that stuff!   So glad it’s going to be dug out.  Those guys worked until the sun went down.  Actually, they worked until AFTER the sun went down.  No idea how they could see what they were doing.  Maybe they wore mining helmets.  They trimmed absolutely EVERYTHING! I have never seen the place look so spare.  

I went off and spent a good part of the day with Big Sister Mia.  We stopped at the store and then went to an open house. Hmmmmmm….. I need to have an open house once the yard is finished and Frank the Painter works his magic on a few walls.  

The bookstore is always fun.  Here’s one of their new products for the vampire section.

blood drink

Yum!  And to think bookstores now have vampire sections.  Drinking this will not transform you into anything, however.  Well, maybe into a hyped-up ninny on too much caffeine.  Four hours of pure energy?  Kinda scary.

Then, I went home and started cooking spaghetti sauce.   Miss Mage and the Geezer (her hub unit) showed up around 5:30 for a night of good food, stories, and the installation of the quilt.  Oh yes!  What a night it was!  So much laughing!  When Mage told me I was going to have to help her baste the sleeve, I was completely befuddled.  Baste the sleeve?  I had no fookin’ idea what that meant.  I cannot sew a stitch!  So, whilst the Geezer mounted the wall hardware, Mage worked on attaching a “sleeve” to the back of the quilt.  The sleeve would eventually hold the drapery rod, but it had to be basted.  Whatever.  I sat there and acted like I had no opposable thumbs.  I was relegated to threading needles so the basting could be done by Mage and the Geezer.  That I could do.

Once all the basting was finished, the quilt was eased onto the drapery rod and hung with great flourish.  Deservedly so!


Voila!  And no, the wall is NOT pink/beige, it’s white.  For some reason, the camera wants to capture a warmer color that isn’t really there.

I got up this morning, lit some incense, and stared at the quilt.  I am SOOOO happy!  It is truly the pivot point for the entire house.  You cannot miss it!

It’s off to the book club this morning.  I need to shop for some new socks so I look well appointed in Nebraska this week.  Frank the Painter is coming over for dinner.  He’s going to give me an estimate for sprucing up a few interior walls and the outside fence.  We are also going to talk about our possible road trip to Minnesota this summer!  Road trip!  Be still my heart!


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24 responses to “A Day of Transformation

  1. Dear Captain Poolie, have you met Bowsprite yet? You might enjoy her. 🙂


  2. I love road trips. Heaven indeed. So glad we could be there to have such good fun with you. Hugs from here.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    great quilt so bright and happy

  4. If I’d been there I could easily have helped baste the sleeve. Simplest thing to do in terms of sewing!

    Your quilt looks fabulous and the yard looks like… well, a good start. Sometimes the only way to make things wonderful is to rip out and start anew. It’s going to be truly lovely.

  5. maryz

    The quilt is gorgeous! I love using them as wall hangings. What are the dimensions?

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    You are turning into a butterfly right before our eyes. Makes my heart sing.

  7. joanie

    The quilt looks beautiful! Love your comment about basting.

  8. I am jonesibg to do something to the exterior of my house too!!

  9. Penny Tushingham

    The quilt is awesome, the yard will be fabuouls when it’s done and it’s all finally coming together for Poola. So happy for you!

    Pen Pen

  10. bholles

    Quilt looks so nice.

  11. Basting the sleeve — just don’t spoon gravy over it. 8)

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