Google Reader is Going Bye Bye

Captain’s Log   5,516

So Google Reader is going away soon.  Figures.  It’s a real blow to the blogging world.  It’s so easy to keep track of everyone with that service, and now…..pfft.  Another one bites the dust.  If you use Google Reader to access this blog, you might want to consider following it instead.  Go to the bottom of the page and click the follow button.  You will get an email when the site is updated.  I am subscribing to every blog I can on Google Reader so I am prepared.  Some diary sites don’t allow subscribing.  Diaryland for sure and I don’t think Blogspot does either.   I am sad Google Reader is going away.  I use it ALL THE TIME!

I also have a private distribution for this journal.  If you want to be included and receive an email directly from me, let me know.  I can add you easily enough.  

There are other RSS alternatives.  I am starting to check them out now and will choose one that works the best for me.  I don’t want to lose Blogspot and Diaryland writers on a newsfeed.  I did some online research about the demise of Google Reader, and they said they are putting their engineers on other projects.  What on earth could be more important than blogging?  Damn GOOGLE!

I am having serious theatre withdrawl.  Exactly a week ago I was all wound up about opening night.  Dang!  All that preparation and…….boo hoo.  It’s over so quickly.  Noooo!  It’s not fair!  So I am staying busy.  I am ALWAYS busy with something.  I have an open house to attend with Big Sister Mia on Saturday afternoon.  Book club Sunday morning.  I am having guests for dinner both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  I might actually master some cooking skills if this keeps up.  And Italian feast on Saturday and veggie burgers will all the fixings on Sunday.  Since I am going to be out of town most of next week, I need to get as much visiting and good cheer done as I can.  LOL!

Random photo from the computer archives.  Caption it for fun.




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18 responses to “Google Reader is Going Bye Bye

  1. Every time I look at the little kid’s face a) I think of a sadistic Honey Boo Boo and b) that kid is pure creepy looking.

  2. My blog has an email subscribe link, if you want it. I already subscribe here but if you have another method, count me in!

    I never really got the hang of Google reader. I mean, I knew how to add to it, but never made it a regular stop on my daily Internet itinerary so it kinda didn’t do me any good anyway. I didn’t know you could do an RSS on Diaryland diaries though, or I might have.

  3. Little Mommy thought she had me hidden away from her new boyfriend but I slipped him a note……buuwaahahahaha!

  4. I could never get the reader to cooperate w/ me anyway. Isn’t the rule that if they take away something that they have to give us TWO new things that are helpful and fun? (In reality, it’ll be two shitty replacements to replace the semi-decent thing they got rid of.) Eh, Google is getting to be more like FB every day.
    Caption idea: Chillin’ with my peeps
    (Though, I have to admit, the baby’s face is more than a bit creepy… kinda like it wants to eat her face.)
    Alternative Caption idea: “Mmm… brains!”

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! Add me to your list. And I have some NEWS for you. No I am not pregnant. But text me:)

  6. Well, that was easy. I am planning to do what I did when people moved away from D’land — keep a list and check it every day. Since a lot of those writers use wordpress, it will be a little quicker.

    Thank you.

  7. Patty O'Reilly


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