Are You Happy to See Me….Or Is That a Knife Sticking Out of Your Head?

Captain’s Log   5,515

Gads!  I turned on the news to watch some pope stuff and there was a report of a gang fight here in San Diego where one kid ended up with this!

knife in head

Yes, that is a KNIFE sticking out of his head!

Apparently, it was racially motivated and went from one community to another.  The kid seemed fine (other than the whole knife thing).  He was talking calmly to police officers and paramedics.  

So there is a new pope.    This is the 7th pope in my life.   In 752, Pope Stephen was elected.  He died three days later and never made it to the pope throne.  That kind of sucks – when you consider all the fuss they make about electing someone.  

There is a lot of hope floating around that the church is going to be different now.  I don’t think so.  Yes, Pope Francis took the bus to work in Argentina and he visited poor people, but those are issues that are not going change the path of the church’s future.   They need to address sexual assault by clergy, birth control, same sex marriage, abortion, etc.  These are far more compelling needs than thinking someone is cool because he wants to help the poor.  Helping the poor is NOT going to get you into hot political waters because everybody wants to help poor people.  Endorsing and supporting the other issues is the crux of the matter.  Crux.  Neener.

new pope

Looking a bit terrified in this photo.  The guy right behind him with the scowl looks ready to push him off the balcony!

The wing-ding in Lincoln is going to be a bit dressier than normal for me.  Dress slacks and a nice sweater combo are usually fine for what I do here (unless I need to wear some sort of nice jacket thing).  So I decided to treat myself to some nice clothes yesterday.  Since I detest shopping, I was pleased with three pair of slacks and two blouses in just under 15 minutes.  Not bad.  I’m all set for Lincoln.  Bring it on!

pretty blouse

Yellow.  I can wear yellow and not look jaundiced for some reason.  

Interviewing a gardener this morning.  My “Eden” has become quite an overgrown mess.  I want to see if he can get it under control and maintain it for me for a reasonable price.


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24 responses to “Are You Happy to See Me….Or Is That a Knife Sticking Out of Your Head?

  1. I am not Catholic but I don’t envy the new pope. No matter how you slice it, he was handed the keys ti an asylum where the inmates are in charge. Whatever his title, no one man can fix the things that are wrong with it. He can only absorb the abuse based on all the crap that came before he took the scepter.

  2. Patty O'Reilly

    To be fair: the new Pope was born in 1936, the son of an Italian immigrant, so his father was more likely fleeing Il Duce’s Italy than anything…and BEFORE the war.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    call me cynical but I saw that the new pope is from Argentina and I kept hearing a voice in my head reminding me that many Nazi’s hid in Argentina without question. Is this good when the church has been hiding their pedophiles? No wonder I am Pagan

  4. Susanna

    My response to the new Pope was favorable. It will be interesting to see what changes, or not, he makes.
    Lincoln, is that in Nebraska?. Is there a state you have not visited/

  5. (belt)….Gee, maybe I need to start over today. I even backed into a bush today too.

  6. Ah, yes, Lincoln Nebraska. Black pants, black shoes, black jacket, and a best of some humor. 🙂

  7. Ah, Pius, the problem child. John…was he really poisened? One of the English kings was if I remember. So what are you wearing with that gold shirt? Lincoln?

  8. Ah, new clothes….It must be Spring! Hope the Lincoln adventure is not a killer….couldn’t resist!

  9. Patty O'Reilly

    I agree regarding Pius XII. My favorite was John XXIII, a sweet ahd quiet man who did make some sweeping progress during his tenure…and died too soon. Some of his changes were reversed or watered down after his death. But he was deeply loved by the people. I saw him in 1960 and it was quite an experience. Even if you are not a Catholic a Papal blessing is kinda nifty.

  10. That patient looks like a story from “Untold Stories of the E.R.”

  11. I can wear yellow too; my mother — usually an expert with color — couldn’t understand why. 8)

    Surely you are too young to remember Pius XII, who I still consider an SOB.

  12. Everyone over here thinks the new pope looks like Jim Bowen:
    Its only funny if youre English but, trust me, it IS funny. s x

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