Going to Nebraska

Captain’s Log     5,514

A week from today I will be in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska at a national conference of automobile museum folks.  Should be interesting.  There are usually about 80 of us when we gather.  Lincoln in March could be fun.  I am going with our business manager who has never really seen snow.  The chances for some real stuff to still fall are not high, but it could happen.  That would be interesting.

She is picking me up at 4:30 AM on Tuesday for a 6:15 AM flight to Minneapolis.  We have about an hour to change planes and arrive in Omaha about 2:30 PM.  We rent a car and drive about an hour to Lincoln.  Why not fly directly to Lincoln?  Because nobody goes to Lincoln.  The ticket difference?  $327 to Omaha.  $615 to Lincoln.  THAT is why we are driving to Lincoln.  That is totally insane!  Why do airlines DO that?  Flying to Minneapolis and then back to Omaha makes no sense either.  But what do I know?  I get sleepy on planes and will have my Kindle.  I should be just fine.  Our business manager likes to read too.  Good thing.  I am not a fan of chatting on planes (for the most part).

Big Sister Mia chats more on planes than I do.  One time, a huge burly guy with a stringy pony tail came waltzing down the aisle and we were SO hoping he wasn’t going to sit with us.  But he did.  Turns out he was a bounty hunter on his way to Texas to nab a bad guy.  So, naturally, Mia was in heaven.  The burbled at each other the entire flight.

I will do my best to update this journal from Lincoln.  Maybe even include some lovely photos of the flatlands of Nebraska.  Maybe snow.  Maybe some Nebraska people wearing shorts in 40 degree weather.

On Thursday of next week, we will on a tour bus all day as part of the conference.  I have no idea what they are going to show us that will take all day, but I am up for it.  I was unaware that Lincoln was interesting enough to command that many hours of bus touring.

Still no pope.  Those guys are just putzing around.  They probably like being in Italy and are enjoying the food.  Those cardinals are like me.  Any excuse for a trip away from home.

Black smoke rises from the chimney on the roof of the Sistine Chapel, where cardinals are gathered to elect the new pope, at the Vatican.

Wonder what my Febreze-spraying neighbor would say about this!  You SMOKE!


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22 responses to “Going to Nebraska

  1. Susanna

    I could have read this entry first. So Lincoln is in Nebraska. Have a ball.

  2. Good choice of airport. The so-called “Lincoln” airport is really not much closer to Lincoln than the Omaha airport is, in terms of driving time. Also they treat you pretty crappy at the Lincoln airport.

  3. Well, of course, Mia would meet a bounty hunter on a plane trip…..That’s just perfect. Sounds like a great beginning ot a good novel as a matter of fact.
    As for you, Lincoln, Nebraska could be a secret location for the next Johnny Depp movie….you can always dream!…..Are you visiting the Museum of Car Speeding?

  4. maryz

    We knew some people who hated Tennessee – said they felt claustrophobic all the time. They were South Dakota and were thrilled when they got transferred to Amarillo, TX. Different strokes, as they say. I would love the wide open spaces if there was ocean in one direction.

  5. goatbarnwitch

    I cant relate to flat land. I have always had mountains around me and I feel weird when the horizon is so far away. Have fun and post some pics so I get nervous looking at them

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    There is not one single mountain in Nebraska. How can they live without mountains?

  7. It’s just possible that you’ll have snow; I actually hope you don’t. Why spoil a perfectly good trip?

  8. maryz

    Sounds like a good trip. Maybe they’re going to take you to see Carhenge. It’s really neat! http://www.carhenge.com/

  9. Penny Tushingham

    You lead such an exciting life Poola!

    Pen Pen

  10. bholles

    I want to go to Nebraska. And yes I usually do talk to my seat partner on a plane. Always have fun.

    • poolagirl

      You want to go to Nebraska with us? Sure! We are getting a tiny Kia, but I’m sure we can make room for you! But….you have to share the room with us. LOL!

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