Setting Sail For Another Adventure

Captain’s Log   5,512

The birds are ravenous.  I filled all six feeders this morning and they are all busy.  I got some great shots over the weekend.


Female Anna’s Hummingbird tanks up about eight feet from the camera


English sparrow (Captain Jack) makes short work of the suet pellets


Sir Finch of Orange is the master of the sunflower kingdom

And now it’s back to the salt mines.  And they are getting saltier by the day – and I don’t mean that in piratical terms.  I mean brackish and unpleasant salt mines.  Salt that sucks the life juice and leaves things dessicated and withered with no sense of life whatever.  The Romans (and others) used to defeat their enemies by putting salt on their crops – killing the soil and forcing the people into starvation.  It worked.  It still does work – even in a spiritual sense.

The experience of working with the theatre has given me clear direction.  Fair winds.  Readying the sails now.


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20 responses to “Setting Sail For Another Adventure

  1. jo

    the Jewish family center had an opening that was tailor made for you. See what happened with the posting!

  2. You knew the time would come; it is here, and you are ready. Fair winds and a goodly supply of rum to you.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Away you go on fair seas 🙂

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    Yup. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

  5. Don’t forget the rum rations!

  6. Huge wishes for a more fulfilling job. I love the birds – is that MY hummingbird? Bird names are great – your English Sparrow looks nothing like the sparrows here, but then, why should it? xxx

  7. Fair winds and following seas, indeed.

  8. maryz

    You go, Girl!!! (literally or figuratively)

  9. Fair winds and calm seas. Except with fresh water.

  10. joanie

    What a great analogy.

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