End of the Run

Captain’s Log  5,511

It’s over.  I am grateful and sad.  It’s a mixed bag.  I am so grateful to have some free time now to work on the house and READ, but I already miss my pals.

Opening night was a hoot!  Last night’s performance was better in places and not as strong in others.  That’s the way it goes. The Problem Child completely blew the last scene.  She left three other actors up there struggling for ways to “fix” the fact that she went deer-in-the-headlights.  It was just a matter of time.  So over-confident she was about absolutely everything.  I was ready to strangle her!  Good thing there was an experienced person up on that stage who could take the mess and keep it from spilling too far.  Put it this way, it was a big enough goof that most people would not have found a way to recover.  Thank goodness for experience.

Problem Child did not say a single word to me after the show.  Even at the cast party.  I am sure she knew what she had done up there.  I will think long and hard about ever giving her a role of any significance again.  She sat at the party and kept her head down – barely talking.   She tends to sulkiness anyway, but last night she had a real reason.  I would have been WAY too embarrassed to say much either.

Another significant scene lost some steam, but they recovered it together and moved on.  The tech people were very confused when they started jumping, but I sat back at the light board and told them what they needed to do to keep the scene going.  But the “best” scene last night was also the “best” on opening night.  The hooker scene brought home the roses….AGAIN!  It is so damn funny!  They got more laughs than expected.  Great feeling for any actor trying to do some comedy.  It’s not so good to get laughs if someone is like…at a funeral or something.

Speaking of funerals, one of my biggest mistakes on stage involved a funeral.  I lost track of scenes backstage.  I thought I was supposed to go on with a huge slice of watermelon for the community picnic scene.  Wrong.  It was the funeral scene for my “momma” in the show.  So I showed up at the funeral carrying around an enormous piece of watermelon and an accordian.  Not too many people do that.  I was supposed to cry and wail and carry on.  But not with watermelon.  I tried to just ignore it.  Kind of did a bad job with that.  Still laugh about it today.  But the only actor I compromised doing that was myself.  Not nearly as big a mistake as Problem Child made last night.

The striking of the set only took an hour or so because the lighting company that lent us the equipment showed up to take it all down themselves.  YAY!  That saved us at least an hour and half!  Consequently, we were able to run off to the Studio Diner WAY ahead of schedule and kick back for some food and laughs.  I was home just after midnight.  Thought it would be closer to 2:00 AM.  Factor in Daylight Savings time and…..would have been a struggle to get up this morning.  


Located right next to a real sound stage!  YAY!  Open 24 hours and was built so the crew could eat dinner or any meal at any time of the day while they were in production.  Near my house too!  Been there more than once in the middle of the night for coffee and treats.

Studio Diner Inside-8912

My favorite counter in all of San Diego

I got to spend time with Big Sister Mia today.  It was nice to just kick back and not have to worry about getting back in time for rehearsal.  We had some wonderful Italian style sandwiches for breakfast and then headed off to file medical records and visit the bookstore.  Then, she came over to my house for some freshly-brewed iced tea and a nice chat on the patio.  While sitting in the back, a big old Cooper’s hawk flew by and disturbed all the birds.  It’s one thing to hear about those hawks, but it’s another thing to see one.  I was so glad she got a good look at that big old predator!

Time to read now.  Book club meets next Sunday morning and I am only 64% of the way through the book.  Kindle keeps weird statistics like that to chart your progress.  


A great book about the settlement of Palestine after WWII.  Written by the woman who wrote The Red Tent.

David Nevue on the stereo.  This is a fine day.


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19 responses to “End of the Run

  1. It sounds like a big win-win! And Problem Child got her comeuppence! On our cruise, one of the Spring Breakers who apparently thinks he is all that and a big bag of chips decided to put the pool lounge chairs on the step-down deck to the pool. It’s the area where people can step down into water and then jump off into the deep end. He loudly drew attention to his bright idea and then got 3 of his friends to do the same. When one of the ice cream workers told him that wasn’t allowed…his girlfriend said Why Not? in a snotty tone flinging her long hair. You can imagine my delight when one of the pool towel attendants (who happened to look like a linebacker for the NFL) walked over and told them to get the chairs out of the pool NOW!!!!! About 20 minutes later all the group decided to leave the pool area. 3 of the 4 turned in their towels but the snotty girl refused. Bet she got charged $25 for the towel taking too. It’s great when someone gets their hand “slapped” and you get to see it.

  2. maryz

    Great weekend for you!

    What awaits you in the upcoming week?

  3. I’d call that a resounding success. I’m almost glad problem child muffed things so badly; it will silence any future whines about how she deserves a bigger part, lol.

    Congratulations after the fact – and here’s to your next great artistic endeavor!

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    I a so sorry I missed it. You will have to trust me that you really would not have wanted me to attend. Hopefully there will be another play and I will be in better condition to be a theater goer. SO happy you enjoyed the whole experience…except for the problem child. Ah well. Such are the trials the artistic suffer…

  5. joanie

    Yeah, get some rest. You did a great job. It must be a very stressful few seconds to watch things go awry and not be able to say too much, but making the phone ring saved the day! I guess you learn those tricks as time goes by. I remember in 9th grade being in a play where someone skipped ahead several scenes and there was a young girl who had the presence of mind to ask the errant actress a question that put her right back on track! Brilliant!

  6. jo

    PS I loved the red tent so
    Enjoyed much more then I imagined! __

  7. jo

    It sounded like great fun!! You are always at your best when directing.

  8. Joel

    Sorry I missed the play, camping and outer stuff. Where is the jukebox wall boxes in the diner? I have eaten there, it’s a fun place.

  9. Penny Tushingham

    Get caught up in rest. You certainly deserve it. Sounds like overall it was a super success. I have myself mimicking those two words a lot over the last two days thinking of you and the actors!! Hope the group made a little money to kick start their next project.

    Pen pen

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