Opening Night Jitters and Graupel

Captain’s Log   5,509

Opening night!  Opening night!  I was handed the keys to the “theatre” so I can get in early today and pace around to burn up some energy.   Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I go into the “pacing zone” when I get keyed up over something.  I need a good place to pace.  And while I am pacing, I might as well set up some chairs.

Our final dress was fraught with errors, but that is why we have a final dress.  One actor knocked it out of the park, but the rest of them were a bit on the tepid side.  We also had an audience.  It was interesting to see if we thought something was funny really WAS funny.  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  Tech made some mistakes too, but that was to be expected.

I had a six-hour retreat yesterday that was “enlightening.”  I spoke my truth about a decision I am going to make, and it was pretty clear they are also leaning in the same direction.  So…..I shall be a vagabond again soon.  I like being a vagabond.  I get so much more done and I am TONS happier.  I hope the web untangles nicely for all parties involved, but I have no expectations.  I AM going to conference in Lincoln, Nebraska in about 10 days, and I intend to have a ton of fun and make the most out of the free trip.

The best comment made yesterday was during the tour of an energy-efficient kitchen.  The dip next to me actually said to the tour guide, “I don’t use my stove.  I store my shoes in the oven.  I took the knobs off so nobody accidentally cooks them.”  This person when went on to BRAG that she has never even heated up water in her house and she has lived there….get ready….TWENTY FIVE YEARS!  Take out and microwave food ALL the time.  I just cannot even imagine that.  No fresh fruit in the house either.  EVER.

But back to the fun stuff of doing THEE-AH-TURR!  In addition to pacing, I also like to get my hair done.  I was at Joanie’s shop by 8:00 this morning.

opening night hair

Doing my Marty Feldman impression under the dryer

I came home just as a huge wind and rain storm hit.  Pulled into the garage just in time.  The teeny hail is called graupel.  Why do they have fancy names for everything?  What is wrong with teeny hail?  Graupel sounds like some sort of German sausage made from nasty bits of pigs.

I decided to treat myself to some artichoke & jalapeno dip for lunch (since I am not working I can be exotic with my food choices and toot a bit if the need arises).  This stuff is the bomb!   Not too hot for my mild tastes either.  Served up some with a plate of pretzels and a glass of flat Diet Coke left over from rehearsal Wednesday night.  Living at its finest.

artichoke dip

Beyond good!  It is…..heavenly!

It’s almost time to iron slacks and blouses and spritz myself all over with something that can last through all the anxious moments that are sure to plague me before this night is over.


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25 responses to “Opening Night Jitters and Graupel

  1. Iron? Iron? What are cleaner’s for if not to make the director/producer look ironed. We will be there to see you in your ironed state tomorrow before seven. Hugs.

  2. farmgirl

    By the time you read this your opening night is one for the books. I hope the theater gods and elves were with you and your outstanding cast. Let’s hear the reviews!! Congrats!!!

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Have a great show!

  4. I’m so excited for you! Break a leg, then party and celebrate the wonderful things you achieved together!

  5. maryz

    Can’t wait to read the reviews!

  6. It’s only a few hours until the curtain rises and you are in your bliss again! Good Luck! Enjoy the art! Enjoy the process and mostly enjoy the applause!

  7. Joanie Benson

    Ok I’m changing this Bensoni thing one more time and then I’m calling tbe gbostbusters!

  8. How very wasteful! If I were not planning ever to use my oven, I would take it out and put a cabinet in its place. I am looking forward to a day when the toaster over, the microwave, and maybe a double hot plate are all I need.

  9. Patty O'Reilly

    1. Atta girl. 2. Loved your video. 3. Loved the under-the-dryer photo. 4. MUST KNOW where to get the arti-peno dip! 5. Not coming tonight, alas. I am erpy. The LAST person you want in your audience is a vomiter. Folks might think it was a critical comment. I’m going to bed. Have a GRAND evenng, Lady Pacelot!

  10. Joanie Bensoni

    I didn’t know you were having so much fun at tbe dryer. What happened to the hair dog?

  11. Penny Tushingham

    Wow, a a hail storm in SD. Dram it will make all that grass grow in the bricks I cleaned up?

    Pen Pen

  12. bholles

    You will do fine. Just hang in there.

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