When Your Camel is Happy…..

Captain’s Log  5,507

Tonight is the big night!  Dress rehearsal with all the technical effects.  Lighting.  Sound cues.  Oh YES!

The best scene by far is the one with the hooker.  Interesting that the most inexperienced actor we have is the anchor for that scene.  He took to it like a fish to water.  He is hilarious.  A natural.

Walter Mathau played this character in the movie.

hooker in bed

Praying that he will figure out a way to get her out of the room before his wife shows up


Our hooker team (including the wife – who is his wife for real – and no, our hooker will not be wearing workout pants)

The most hilarious moment in rehearsal so far was when I asked him to curl up on his side so the hooker could “spoon” him.  He looked bewildered.  Had no idea what I was talking about.  So I told him to curl up and then told the “hooker” to spoon him.  I thought he was going to die from embarrassment.  Truly funny.

We get to the space today at 4:00 to set up lights and run all the cables.  Then, we do a simple cue-to-cue tech rehearsal, break for dinner, and have a full dress rehearsal.  I expect to get home tonight about 11:00 or so….and I am SO DAMN HAPPY TO BE DOING SOMETHING ARTISTIC AGAIN!


My camel couldn’t be happier either


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12 responses to “When Your Camel is Happy…..

  1. j0

    its a good thing
    break a leg

  2. Susanna

    You all look so happy on that bed! What fun. And the picture of the child with the camel!!! It is just the BEST!!!! Have a grand, wonderful, stupendous weekend. xo

  3. It’s so wonderful to read the joy in your posts again. You can do so much, it was tragic that your gifts were buried for so long.

  4. maryz

    Break something (after the comments the other day, I’ll just stop with this).

    Love that happy child. How great is that!

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Give my best and congrats to everyone!

    Pen Pen

  6. Time is almost here. I know you are so excited.

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